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Car Rides and Life Decisions

gross generalization: bad days really make you rethink your life

So I had a good day at work today, but my commute is epically long so I decided to check out the closest 24-hour fitness to kill some time/allow traffic to die down before heading home. This gym is one of the worst areas of town, but as someone who went to college in a bad area, I thought I would be OK with it. I also clearly like to pretend to be way more badass than I actually am. I walk into the gym and turn the corner to locker room and there is a security guard in thug stance. There are also sweaty thug-types using free weights and glaring at me. I walk into the locker room, and I see a sign that read “escorts are available to walk you to your car.” I fled like the little prissy white girl I am. Time at gym: four minutes.

Traffic doesn’t die down over the course of four minutes. Especially not during rush hour in Los Angeles. Time in traffic: 1.5 hours.

45 minutes in, while going 0.5 MPH in Westwood, I came to the conclusion that I need to make my moving day sooner, otherwise I might just die. I’m way too busy to commute for three+ hours everyday and not be a zombie. I have a stress/lack of sleep cold (cute) and I haven’t been hungry in about a week (my wallet is OK with this). My life is awesome in so many ways, but it would be so much better if my commute was 10 minutes. Apartment search begins this weekend, wish me luck :D.



p.s. I turn 23 this Friday. so weird. I do enjoy when life changes (new job, new place, new pli) coincide with birthdays. It makes everything all neat and tidy, and I am super into that.

p.p.s. I hope you are making Valentine’s Day baby jokes this and next week, because I feel like a lot of us were.