Thursday Morning Found Poetry



29 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Found Poetry

  1. bigron42 says:

    I’m just a guy with a limerick reply…

    A granddaughter stole grandma’s truck,
    Now grandma is sure out of luck.
    The kid’s now in jail,
    Granny said, ‘What the hell?”
    That kid’s really run all amuck.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  2. Trick Brown says:

    This is really clever as poetry.

    Academically, most poetry is just about the author. Personally, I have always felt the best poetry is the stuff that elicits very different reactions from an audience, regardless of who the author is.

    Judging by the reactions in the comments, we have a winner. πŸ™‚

  3. stephenedwards425 says:

    I’m with rujabes…definitely has a Marley vibe…I’m going to get another beer…when is that party at your apartment with bigron42 the party trick guy…thinkin’ it sounds like a happenin’.

    Be encouraged!

  4. KC says:

    Heh…lucky find! I used to collect grocery store receipts (or wal-mart…wow) and try to make stories about the people. Kinda funny what you can learn about a person by their receipts, or notes, or their glove compartment contents…*snorts*…ok, never done that last one, but you know it’s true! πŸ˜‰

  5. fingerpaintempress says:

    This reminds me of the crazy stuff admitted into evidence in criminal cases. One defendant wrote a haiku to the victim (his girlfriend) – something about how her hair made him crazy angry… but at least he was paying attention. I wish I could remember it! I had to leave the courtroom because I couldn’t hold in the laughter.

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