The Loiterer

Nothing good happens at midnight, 5:30 AM is the land of yoga and Jags, day laborers and busses — but little says peculiar like 9:30 on a Monday night. 

Little good happens in a 7/11 parking lot: hooker drop offs, drug deals — secret slurpee binges caused by sweet teeth, over-bearing loved ones.

All the good lies in the twisted intentions of the aggressive Herbalife salesman in the parking lot. Make the rent, make the American dream, make the pitch the excuse to make creepy passes on every living thing. Monday 9:30 pm, 7/11 Parking lot.



13 thoughts on “The Loiterer

  1. Thestrugglershandbook says:

    Poor 7-11; does this mean Circle K is swank by comparison? Come to think of it, my neighborhood sucks, and the only convenience store close by is a 7-11…where I get my hookers, drugs and slurpees. I guess you’re right.

  2. pishnguyen says:

    Stunningly brilliant and gorgeous, even though it made me a little bit sad. Or, perhaps, particularly because it made me a little bit sad. Whatever the case … so much love for this.

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