Diet Coke


Probably the best way to enjoy the substance that will eventually kill me. I’ve accepted it.


25 thoughts on “Diet Coke

  1. Paul J. Stam says:

    Don’t worry, knowing it will kill you Coke is working an injections that brings you back to life which will make you indebted to them and therefore will drink even more diet Coke.

  2. Sheila Morris says:

    Aaaaahhhhhh Diet Coke, the beverage of the gods and goddesses…I just turned 67 and have drunk it for the last 40 years so look on the bright side. You’ve got a lotta good years ahead of you. It doesn’ kill you immediately. 🙂

  3. Ron says:

    I thought you were referring to the giant salt lick behind you. The Coke won’t kill you. Did you know that 90 percent of people who reached 100 years of age drank a case of Classic Coke a day? It’s true. I saw it on the internet. Or maybe it was a Coke commercial. I can’t recall.

  4. Matthew Curry says:

    I love the fake mountain right behind you. It’s strangely charming. Where was this picture taken? I want to stand in the shadow of the plastic mountain and drink Diet Coke too.

  5. josefkul says:

    After its first appearance in which coke contained actual cocaine, the Coca Cola company has refined and perfected their product to make it even more addictive.

  6. robinhood63 says:

    If it’s going to kill me it will have to get in line behind my other addictions. (chocolate,pizza,booze, the 4:20 flower, etc., etc., and of course…etc.

  7. Heartafire says:

    Hi fellow ginger! You must stop the diet coke, it is bad for you. You have a lovely blog, glad I happened on it.

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