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  1. mongrel4u says:

    You are obviously not the Ashley Jillian, perennial starlet at Warner Brothers TV division (circa late 60’s), or you did a good job of hiding your literary talents back then. After reading your scathing but hilarious appraisal of Freshly Minted Goat Clusters, I feel privileged to have somehow pleased your jaundiced eyeballs.

  2. thejoysofjobhunting says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your latest blog entries, particularly the ‘freshly pressed’, very good! Really like your writing style and how you get your humour across. Have signed up to follow you and look forward to the next installment! πŸ™‚

  3. John says:

    Reading sci-fi is one of my getaway tools when everything else begins piling up on me. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you again. Sci-Fi rules and you aren’t really a nerd. You’re a 21st Century woman with excellent taste in reading material. Seeeee Ya!

  4. auntierv says:

    I love your post on standing in line to see the Diva. What a hoot! What we will do just to see a guy like Shat.

    I went to a “meet Davie Jones”(Monkeys) at a store once and stood in line forevvvver and got to four people away(the last four people I might add) and he walks back into a trailer.Reasoning…it started to sprinkle. 😦

    Btw, thanks for coming by my blog and “liking” two of my posts. That truly means a lot, coming from you, as I am a newbie at the blogging thing.

    Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

    Auntie RV

  5. writerdood says:

    Greetings. Just dropping in to see what’s here. Nice blog. I’ll pop in and read it from time to time. Thanks for stopping by.

    As a side note, I like Shatner as well. His SF is good, but to me it’s his comedy that really shines. The guy is hilarious.

  6. barkinginthedark says:

    AJ, to be precise here’s what comes up when clicking on to the new post link:

    Ashley Jillian
    404 Not Found

    Oops! This page does not exist. Maybe you can try searching for it again.
    Search for:

  7. Jacob Spire says:

    Awesome stuff you’ve got here. Know that you are the first blogger I’ve subscribed to (so far).

    By the way, just how random do you allow email inquiries to be?

    Even more by the way, bagels rock. (My favorite’s onion. Yours?)

  8. barkinginthedark says:

    AJ, the new “Berkley” post comes up “page not found” whassup?? and y put people thru these hoops of id and password to leave a comment? just askin’…unless u wanna discourage same…maybe?

  9. roseshadows says:

    Just to say I loved the Joan Rivers video I shall check out Gwar (and surprise my daughters), your confession about River Dance with your parents was really good and well written.

  10. susartandfood says:

    Blogging is not for everyone. Heard actually that it can cause depression if nobody reads. I just love to write, and I love food, so both go well together. You write well and keep your reader interested. On another subject. Haikus are interesting. I won an award for one when I was first writing. Like a short, shortie, short, story, or is the cadence wrong on that? 575, I’m thinking. Anyhow, thanks for reading often. Appreciate it.

  11. Michael Sadowski says:

    Yo, girl: fell off the map for a while due to ongoing physical crap. WHAT MAKES ME CRY? Here’s mine: spinal taps. (The movie makes me laugh, of course…) Owing to my lovely degenerative disease, I’ve had too many spinal taps to count in the last 9 years. Ever have one? “House” does ’em like they’re as pleasant as donuts but they they f**king hurt like you would not believe. Recent medical emergency sent me to docs for “trigger point injections” which are SIX 18 gauge needles filled with lidocaine injected directly into the spine. The idea is that the friggin’ needles hurt so much that you forget about the chronic pain…for a few hours anyway. Want to cry? Go get yourself six spinal taps in one go and you might NEVER stop. Loving your post BTW. Keep ’em up. I am following but not always prompt to comment. New post coming to mine BTW. Hope you’ll stay tuned.

  12. redwheelbarrow1957 says:

    Sorry Honey. I fucking hate needles at anytime. My daughter had bacterial meningitis and had to have a spinal tap. I really haven’t recovered and it was an entire body away. I don’t pray, but I think about you and shiver.

    I cry during really amazing Japanese cartoons and children’s stories.

  13. Rich Peddy says:

    Enjoyed very much your blogging tips. Though I’ll likely use none of them, thereby ensuring my continued obscurity, it is nice to see what people look for. You write well; I enjoyed visiting and will continue to follow.

  14. Michael Sadowski says:

    No talk in a while. Liked your recent scrapbook and the bit about LA comedy scene. Wondering: is that where you’re heading yourself? Saw a reference to “Freshly Minted Goat Clusters” in your comments collections. But I can’t find the posting?? If you like “Goat Clusters,” then you’re super-okay with me. Send you $20.00 if you can tell me who made the phrase “Goat Clusters” (semi) famous. This going back to the ’70’s, girl., when you were only someone’s imagination so you might want to Google it. Love your blog still.. Following your adventures and wishing you luck.

  15. Amanda B. Hill says:

    love your writing style, and life tips. I agree with embracing weirdness. I live in Austin, so that’s easy. Weird is our motto. We should guest blog for each other sometime, or become strange internet blogging friends. . . πŸ™‚

    Amanda Hill (hillpen)

  16. Shannon Hadley says:

    I really enjoyed your blog. I stopped by after you “liked” my post and I found myself reading pretty way more than I expected, considering my eyes are already stinging and I was falling asleep.

    Anway, you have a real knack for being witty but it feels effortless, not forced. I look forward to future posts!

  17. vacantbookshelf says:

    Thanks for your ‘like’ on my ‘Love in more than one dimension’ post. I dig your blog for 3 main reasons:
    (1) comparative literature references
    (2) awkward humour
    (3) You think your life is awesome and I think mine is, too.
    Would be very cool beans if you would ‘follow’ me back! (But if you decide not to, it’ll give me good material for my next awkward blog post!)

  18. bottomoftheswamp says:

    Hey, you liked one of my recent blog posts so I came by to check out your blog and it inspired me to rededicate myself to writing and to attempt to be a bit more honest and open from time to time. Thank you.

  19. andreafed says:

    First of all.. thanks for visiting the Flubug Bugle… second of all: OMG! That clown!!! does it live in your neighborhood??? that’s infinitely scary. We’d actually like to do a story about that clown. Of course, he would have to be “transported” into the fictional world of Flubug…. but I could see him playing a pivotal role in the community…. he certainly has the qualifications…. ludicrous… scary…. ultimately embarrassing.

    maybe in our “Getting To Know…?” section…

  20. dan4kent says:

    Ashleyjillian – Thanks for your LIKE. From one ‘Not Normal’ to Another, you’ve got the gift. With so much crap out there, following your work feeds my own imagination. Good stuff! Be well.

  21. cobyjean says:

    Wish I knew wth I was doing, already, on W’Press. I saw something pop up from you and followed it to your blog — I snort, when I laugh out loud, and now my cats are all freaked out of their formerly sound sleeps. You tickle me to death; how do I become a Fan, or a Stalker, or how about just get alerts when you post something new, it seems I’ve seen some function like that somewhere? If nothing else I’ll really put myself out (:)) and remind my own damn self to come back to it. Long as you know I like your shtuff, that’s the karmic part.
    Love (I say that to everyone — but I actually mean it)
    Cobyjean (what I’m called when I’m in trouble)

  22. cobyjean says:

    Oh how rich. Two inches down from this comment box is the huge, Texas-sized virtual button, that you, durrrr, click, to follow you. Yes, I see it. For gosh sake.

  23. asknod says:

    You are going to be one hot blogger. I can smell it. You already use pictures to great effect. People who visit like a little visual candy. It took me a while to figure it out, but I noticed more hits on the ones with pics. Go back to Starbucks and immortalize the bozo with his own pic. and a Do Not Enter sign from the google images page. Sweet!

  24. bigron42 says:

    I liked your story and your writing style. Good luck with your blog. I’m delighted you liked the recent cartoon on my blog, writingstoriesandcartoons. Stay tuned for more. In fact, after reading your post, I may just publish a life event of my own.


    Bigron, AKA Woody Brooks

  25. Bob T Panda says:

    Guess what…I’ve awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! I guess it’s a little like a blog chain letter, and you can take it or leave it, if you like. Should you decide to accept this award, there are a few things you need to do:

    1. Thank me in a blog post, and provide a link back to my blog, http://yourbrainonpandas.com/
    2. List 7 things about you that we, your readers may not know. (my favorite part)
    3. Pass the award on to 7 more people, with a link to their blogs as part of the list. There may at one time been a requirement to add them to your blogroll, but I can’t remember, as I have procrastinated doing this for long enough that I lost track of the original email instructions.

    Be the Bear!
    Bob T. Panda

  26. ronkozloff says:

    Ashley, nice to have encountered you. You approved something I wrote and that is how we met. I must say I find your writing funny and witty and have gone thru everything you have on the blog. If you get the time, please check out ronswisdomsalon1.wordpress.com. It would be great to get your assessment. BTW, you mention Bob’s Big Boy in one of your stories, which hits a sweet spot in me because it is David Lynch’s favorite restaurant. Take care.

  27. TooYoungToTeach says:

    Hey, just had a stalker moment and read your blog – going back till about October. I hate commenting (you should enable your like button for people like me), so this is all I have for you right now.

    – Really enjoyed, not trying to hard, fresh, normal, relatable, but still unique.

    I’ll be around, and thanks for the “likes”

  28. thejaneaustenproject says:

    your blogging style being so different, so much droller and 21st-century than my own… but after reading a bit of your your work, I quickly became a fan. So I am honored, whatever it was.

    “Ashley! Ashley!”

  29. paralaxvu says:

    I love your funny writing and have to follow your blog! I too enjoy watching people in odd places. I too used to work for a newspaper. Probably why I enjoy watching people in odd places;) Please visit anytime;)

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