2015: You Can’t Win Them All

A few highlights of my 2015 ­čÖé :

  • My old boss told me I sounded “too straight-forward” in work emails, so I should try to include a smiley face and an “!” in each email. This is now amongst my worst habits.
  • I discovered those video blackjack machines in Las Vegas that are pretty demeaning to animated women, ┬ábut also pay well if you play them right. Verdict: Worth it, but I feel a little dirty.
  • I think I only read one book, and it was about makeup …
  • I am almost out of debt
  • I didn’t write enough, this sentence feels short.


Happy New Year, every body! Be weary of drunk drivers, they are terrifying.


The Magical People

Age 10 is kind of a great one, because you’re only awkward, but without the sweaty palms and the world still has so many experiences you. I tried strawberry milk for the first time summer of age 10, I also had a pretty disappointing experience with magic. My brother and I saw Lance Burton on television doing an hour routine/performance and he had one trick that involved regular milk, strawberry milk and chocolate milk – not mixed together because neapolitan milk is probably no bueno — and an illusion. The TV special was great fun, and I tried Strawberry milk for the first time and thought it pleasant and the flavor strong.

A week later my family went on a trip to Las Vegas and stayed at the Monte Carlo because omgwavepool. ┬áLance Burton just happened to be performing at the hotel, small Vegas?, I was amped. We sat down in the cold, dark and cheesily carpeted theatre, the curtain went up and I was confronted with three different types of milk. This gave me the startling conclusion that magic is not magical the second go-about. It’s also given me a general distaste for strawberry milk.