Betting Against Your Children For Money

This morning I found myself watching Bet On Your Baby on Hulu. It basically boils down to people betting that their children won’t succeed at things, or getting really bummed when they don’t do things because that was a $5k mistake.

Does anyone have a recommendation of something better to watch on either Hulu or Netflix?

Hope your weekends are lovely!




So Not Ready

I turn 23 in two months.  The only thing that makes me feel better is being too young to be familiar with various media references that come up at work and/or in improv class.  Not even kidding. It’s the only thing.

Granted, I feel like in a few years I will be on the other side of that. And I am willing to bet money that I will be referencing the Tyra show, and some 20 year-old won’t get it. I will make a O.o face at them and say that they just don’t make television the way they used to. Then I will cry the same way Tyra cried when she wore that fat suit.

never forget.