Dancing With the Stars

Every time I see Ricki Lake, I immediately think of her natural birth video. Needless to say, watching her dance is proving to be a thoroughly disturbing experience.

Also, “Ron Artest” does not redirect to “Metta World Peace” on Wikipedia. Someone needs to get on that because I am super disappointed.


5 thoughts on “Dancing With the Stars

  1. wendyclassman says:

    Come on dude….Ashley, I think you’re an amazingly funny and talented young woman…and I might be a 29-year-old who is obsessed with Glee. (I have always loved musicals, and believe you me, once you get to 26, you realize that you don’t care if you like something uncool or not.)


    The Business of Being Born is amazing, I suggest every woman in the world watch it. I mean…our bodies…whaaaaaaaat? I honestly didn’t know THAT before I saw this movie. We live in a culture that suppresses all of our needs and instincts as an animal species, and guess what…I don’t appreciate it very much at all.

    I give it up to Ricki Lake for making this info available to women everywhere. I didn’t know Ricki was on Dancing with the Stars. But, I have loved her ever since I watched Hairspray as a kid, and can’t imagine her not stealing the stage in any given scenario. She’s bold and brave and smart and talented and an ever-inspiring lady. (Okay, I have a little bit of a conflicted opinion of her because of her exploitative talk show from the 90’s, but really, that has little to do with this documentary.) Maybe I got a little drunk at that karaoke bar (I sang ‘Brand New Key,’ and did an okay job), but that doesn’t make me anymore disingenuous. Love! WC.

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