Google Plus

This guy added me on Google Plus, I am not sure whether I am sad, amused or creeped out.


23 thoughts on “Google Plus

  1. Paula Tohline Calhoun says:

    Good question AJ! I doubt I could translate, it though – even if I could hear it. I often wonder how unsolicited “friends” get hold of those they invite. Why would you want someone in your Google+ circle that you had no clue about? One of those great unsolved things, I guess.

  2. thepilgrimsfancy says:

    LOL – love how his friends are all girls and the total number of friends… well, maybe he needed you to round out that number.

    Besides, he’s probabably telling his buddies, “Hey cuz, look at all the girlz I got”.

  3. James Inglis says:

    … and I have lots and lots of pretty boxes. Do you like my boxes? Say you like my boxes. I will track you down and make you eat Algerian food if you don’t say you like my boxes. Did I mention my boxes? Anyway will you marry me? Not because I want to stay in America or anything. I promise. You could come to Algeria, but you must bring good American boxes. Hope to hear from you soon. If you don’t want to marry me, do you have any girlfriends that have access to boxes? Please pass on my invite to them.

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