Cheese Tower

I went to a restaurant last night with some friends and when I saw the menu, I was like, “Hey guys! Cheese tower!” My friends are always down/vegetarian, so we got it, goat cheese snowman and all.

I am never eating cheese again.

(this was a mini life update)


25 thoughts on “Cheese Tower

  1. Miss Demure Restraint says:

    God am I glad you didn’t go on and on about how super, fantastic, yummy, delicious that freaky thing was. Honestly, I was so struck by the photo I said aloud — That’s disgusting! — before I even read your post.

  2. talker96 says:

    Okay, so here’s my awkward story.
    I’m inside a store yesterday, lets call it Wal-mart, and this little Mexican kid comes running up,(I guess it doesn’t matter if I say he was Mexican or not, I mean it has no impact on my story, him being Mexican and all, he could have just as well been Jewish. Shit, now I sound racist, okay, lets turn the kid into a little mixed nationality boy, yes that sounds okay, right?) Okay so I’m in K-mart and this little mixed nationality boy comes running fast down the isle I’m standing in(I was reading InTouch magazine) and trips over my leg. Now here’s where it gets awkward, the kid turns out to be Apple, Gwyneth Paltrows kid! Can you believe that? I hated the movie Contagion.
    Wait, are we not still telling awkward stories? You guys are talking about cheese? Oh. This is so, crap, what’s the word? Uncomfortable, that’s it.
    So yeah, cheese, cool.

  3. Jen says:

    Where has that snowman been all my life.

    And in re awkward stories, I was in the restrooms at the office once when the toilet I’d just finished using flushed with exaggerated thoroughness. When it was finally finished violently flushing almost a full minute later, I turned to the other woman washing her hands and said “that is one flushed toilet!” Which was kind of funny but not supremely funny.
    Still, I made myself laugh. I continued to giggle out in the hall, laughed quietly while waiting for the elevator and had lost it by the time the elevator doors opened to reveal a pretty packed car. Through hiccups, I explained to no one in particular that I was laughing because the toilet had flushed really hard – and laughed even harder because that was a deranged thing to say to a car full of strangers. And they all ignored me, which I thought was completely hilarious so I guffawed into the corner of the elevator all by myself, surrounded by densely packed strangers for 8 long floors down.

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