Awkward Halloween

The company I work for  gets super into Halloween, like you need a full-fledged act with your costume to have a shot at winning the costume contest. As a general apatheist, I just watched — in a non-creepy way. Most of the acts were adorable, deliciously awkward or some combination thereof. I obvi voted for the dog dressed up as a sheep and her owner was Bo Peep. So cute.

I tried to dress like a geek and someone asked me why I didn’t dress up.  -_-. The real question is, do I always look geeky? or did my geek fail and I just look like a hipster? I am having an existential crisis over here. Also, apparently my definition of geeky is wearing socks with Toms and cuffing my jeans. To be fair, my Tom’s tan is probably one of the geekiest parts about me, and I hid it with socks, so I might even look less geeky than I normally do. Anyways, super awkward.

After the festivities, we all went on a costume parade down Wilshire Blvd., where strangers took pictures of us, we  got honked at,  we got stared at, we got smiled at and we probably got laughed at. IDK, it was just a super bizarre life experience and I’m not sure whether it was awesome or ridiculously embarrassing.  Leaning towards awesome, unless any of my friends saw me. Also, definitely awkward.

I am pretty sure I have chocolate on my nose, pretty awkward.

p.s. I start a new class today, love first day of class impressions on Halloween. I also, awkwardly, didn’t bring a change of shirt so I have to wear my Shatner one.

Anyone else have some wicked awesome Halloween stories?


Awkward Update: As I was driving through Hollywood last night, I saw a man dressed in black and on a horse, so I was like “most epic Zorro costume ever!” Turns out, it was horse cop.  😦


43 thoughts on “Awkward Halloween

  1. thewaiting says:

    I am a little surprised at how many people’s offices dress up for Halloween. Every time I got on Facebook today there were either a bunch pics of people and their coworkers dressing up, or people saying how they couldn’t take their doctor/lawyer/CPA/whatever seriously today during their appointments because (s)he was dressed up.

    I think I would feel as awkward as you. I rarely dress up, and when I do people still ask me why I didn’t :/

  2. H.E. ELLIS says:

    Only the one where my best friend and I spent the night hanging out with the tranny prostitutes in the West End of Hartford CT. That was fun for fifteen. Now that I’m an adult I have no where near as much fun on Halloween.

  3. barkinginthedark says:

    the Shatner shirt id way cool. i’m going trick or treating wearing a full body condom, as Rush Limbaugh, a sad excuse of a man who, tho’ he has a very teeny willie, is no doubt one of Americas fattest, and biggest, pricks.

  4. zendictive says:

    nope, just sat around the house and passed out candy, then I read your blog so I could live vicariously through you ?(grinning’) great job by the way, pass the chocolate. (~_~)

  5. Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    Seeing dressed up people in serious careers is a little mind boggling. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t still like to but it would HAVE to be very classy. Monroe is out; I don’t have blonde hair, little Bo Beep is too young. The only thing left would be a pregnant witch. I could possible pull that one off. Anyway, Happy Halloween for another year.

  6. Lori Franks says:

    Don’t feel bad about the parade down Wilshire…my daughter and I went into Wal-Mart tonight to get more candy supplies, we were dressed up. She was a mariachi singer or Pancho Villa (take your pick) and I was a pirate or a gypsy (take your pick). So we are cruising the candy aisle and a lady says to me ” I love the way you dress” with a German or Russian accent (take your pick). I told Aliesha, she probably didn’t know we were dressed up for Halloween. She probably thought we were just crazy American women.Awkward.

  7. stodmor says:

    dear les, other people’s pain makes me laugh, needless to say i am still chucklling at your comment.

    i painted my husband like the kool aid man this year for halloween, and unexpected occurence happened in that i did not expect his body hair to obsorb so much of the paint. next year i am shaving him.

  8. lovelylici1986 says:

    I don’t know if it was supposed to be, but this post is super funny. Especially the horse cop thing. Ahahahahhahaha. I can’t catch my breath!

    Additionally, I have to agree that the dressing up for work situation is super WEIRD. I don’t know if I’d have participated. I’m the lame-o that would’ve called in sick. Probably.

  9. merrilymarylee says:

    One of my grandson dressed as a nerd, too–plaid shirt, pocket protector loaded with ballpoints, and a name tag. My favorite thing was that he wore a pair of fake glasses with a piece of tape holding them together b at the bridge of the hose. The taped glasses left no doubt!

  10. talker96 says:

    I spent my Halloween trick-or-treating. Wait, I’ll rephrase that.
    (attempt #2)
    I spent my Halloween walking the streets in my neighborhood (that I just moved to) with my girlfriends ex-boyfriend. I with my son(had with girlfriend), he with his daughter(had with his ex who is now my current, not at the same time though. That would just be awkward) and the four of us walking to meet all my new neighbors for the first time and ask them to please give us candy. As we walked away I could hear their nods of approval for the new gay couple that just moved in. All the while, the one who started it all, my girlfriend, sat behind our door occasionally passing out candy to small child-like people that had knocked
    When it was all over, and just to add insult to injury, her ex absconded with all the Butterfingers, knowing full well that I wanted them. .

  11. joem18b says:

    Went to the library in my homeless costume. Woman on the desk wouldn’t check out my books, even though I had my library card. I couldn’t prove the card was mine because I had no other ID on me.

    Had to use the automated checkout when she wasn’t looking.

  12. The Boy! says:

    “I’m not sure whether it was awesome or ridiculously embarrassing. Leaning towards awesome, unless any of my friends saw me.”

    Couldn’t agree more. There is a certain kind of confident swagger I’d feel if I was forced to strut down the blvd. like a mummy (I’d be a mummy — trite but tested — cause nobody would recognize me). I mean, what could be a better team building exercise then to be collectively humiliated! Loads of fun.

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