My Neighborhood


Here is a picture of one of the weirdest things in my neighborhood. I am going to try posting snapshots that are representative of my life, like this.


35 thoughts on “My Neighborhood

  1. Michael Sadowski says:

    Ms. J:

    I don’t understand. Why is that weird or bizarre in any way? Maybe because it reminds me of John Wayne Gacy, avocational clown at children’s parties and all-pro serial, homosexual killer? Frankly, clowns give me the creeps. I think it’s time for a new “Clown Archetype” to better suit these times. No more floppy shoes, fright wigs and greasepaint? How about if we have Michele Bachman or Rich Santorum dress-alikes M.C.-ing little kids birthday gigs? Now that would be FUN!

  2. liquorstorebear says:

    It totally freaks me out. Mostly because it’s so obviously not sincere–the expression is “let’s all try to be happy and make this work; just fake it with me, okay?”
    There’s something so depressing about pretending to be someone you’re not 😉

  3. thenotwriter says:

    A photo blog of weird neighborhood sights would be pretty cool. Thankfully my present neighborhood is too boring and quiet to be able to do something like that myself. The last street I lived on is a different story…..Altho I dont think anybody wants to see pictures of the things that turned up in that neighborhood!

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