Quick Life Updates (For Those of You Keeping Track)

– performing at UCB Feb. 4

– The Old Spice guy played the sassy mother I always secretly wanted in a scene last night

– My UCB team is up and running; My iO team is almost up and running

– I forgot the definition of “free time”

– Real blog post tomorrow, not going to pinky promise it, though

– the Ihop on Sunset is particularly crappy, don’t go there unless you like $3 toast, gangsters and prostitutes. Wtf?Β 

– Boba for dinner =/= the best idea

– I got 68 points in scrabble by using the word “Glitzy.” Not sure if this makes me cool, I’d like to think it does.


22 thoughts on “Quick Life Updates (For Those of You Keeping Track)

  1. Michael Sadowski says:

    ALL IHOPS SUCK. Their breakfasts go through you like a hot car on a quarter-mile of dry pavement. Do not patronize them, ever. Also, you have a glitzy life, for certain. You needn’t worry about that…

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