20 thoughts on “Age 23

  1. Michael Sadowski says:

    I got married ten years before you were born, ashley. My daughter turns 23 on Feb.12. She’s a singer…best I’ve ever heard and she’s hell-bent for Broadway…as soon as she learns how to get out of bed before noon. (just joking) When I was 23, my wife and I moved from NYC to LA in a borrowed car with all of $300 between us. We still own the distinction of being the two biggest, most naive RUBES that ever emigrated to Santa Monica.
    Cute story, no? It took me 13 years to break into show-bizness. My wife got in sooner because, well, she’s the prettier of the two of us. I hope 23 is your watershed year. Keep going and don’t give up!

  2. zendictive says:

    you have silver in the stars and gold in the morning sun… your a wealthy, healthy being .. be thankful (~_~) an 23 not 73 (not that I am 73 but you get my drift) your the worm that just turned into adult hood…welcome …to the real world, now flap those beautiful wings and fly

  3. M. Lizabeth Currain says:

    Ha! I had my Dad’s credit card # written down so that I could order Chinese food over the phone once a week. Times were tough!

  4. Honie Briggs says:

    My son once took twenty dollars from my purse to buy commic books. He snuck it out while I was in the shower and headed to the store on his bike. He did bring me a Snicker’s bar so of course I forgave him. Parents are good like that. Funny blog.

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