26 thoughts on “Come and Get Your Lols

  1. Rachael Black says:

    oh dear god! laughing what ass off I have. No really. Am sooooo white. It’s all in my belly.
    That’s it. I need a belly laugh to take off those unwanted pounds.
    Thanks for the grin girlfriend!

  2. joanharvest says:

    That was great. I watch a lot of British shows. Actually that is about all I watch but I usually the dramatic ones. I am definitely going to watch this. They have it on streaming Netflix. Thanks.

  3. Michael Sadowski says:

    Very funny clip BUT…I’ve spent A LOT of TIME hanging around the lingerie section of every department store in America…even camped out for three weeks at a Victoria’s Secret for weeks before anyone noticed my tent…and I NEVER saw a priest ogling garter belts. Did see more than a few nuns, a Rabbi and, one time, even the Dalai Lama. But no priests. They were mostly in the boy’s underwear section…
    Looking forward to your short story!

  4. theuglymoose says:

    I had no idea they showed Father Ted in the US. That’s a gold star for the good old U S of A. If there’s one thing I miss about home, it’s the comedy. I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess this aired on PBS?

  5. anitascribbles says:

    We used to get Father Ted, Last of the Summer Wine, Waiting for God, all those great Brit funnies on BBC via PBS. It always took a minute for the humor to find its way through the accents (we have none, of course, being Californians) but when you once got into the swing of things, the shows were delightful.

    Now we get a zillion shows that aren’t worth turning on the TV to see.

    Neat post.

  6. Candida Abrahamson PhD says:

    So very glad you’re entertaining me, dear Ashley, as I scroll through your posts. Since I just published one today on how appreciating humor can (get this): help you tolerate pain, keep you alive longer (for real–that’s what the study said), keep you healthier–and generally make your life oh-so-much better (stop by at http://wp.me/p22afJ-Gx if you don’t believe I’ve got the research to back this wildness up!), you’re really doing quite a service when it comes to my general health and longevity. Best keep it up! Candida

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