Saddest Story Told 3/1/12

Three women, each with varying degrees of greying hair, sit at their old elm dining room table. Sandra, the eldest sister, carries the cake and the fine china out of the kitchen, and in a rare moment of family unity, the sisters begin to celebrate Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday.


44 thoughts on “Saddest Story Told 3/1/12

  1. papermudandme says:

    Lordy, lordy, the things I don’t know. Had to google JB to find out what your blog and all the comments were about.

  2. madjamison says:

    You are sick. Write something funny about an old guy of 60 like me who is totally into prog rock and alternative rock like Freelance Whales, and Fleet Foxes. He is very hip and knowledgeable about the music scene and suffers from chronic back pain and memory loss.

  3. dysfunctional unit says:

    Thanks Jilly for sharing this story of empowerment-Old men have always been letching the young starlets-It’s time you ladies had a turn-As fer myself-I just found out Oreo’s turning 100…bring on the dancing cookie

  4. Lois Roelofs says:

    I’m one of that graying generation, and I thought this post was just plain fun! And thanks for stopping by my author blog tour. You are a genuine multitasker. Go for it while you’re young!

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