St. Patrick’s Day


Take note: this is the correct way to do a St. Patrick’s Day window display.


27 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day

    1. Rachael Black says:

      hahahaha. Used to ask for the day off, or half day, every year for St Pat’s. Worked at Rock Center: Party/Parade Central and my friends and I were all in our 20’s. Have some old pics of my best friend and I green beer-faced, petting a horse mounted by an NYPD officer.
      Pretty sure I’d stay far clear these days. Same reason I never hit times Square for New Year’s Eve, even back then.

      1. jdanryan says:

        Yeah, it’s safe to say it’s not a good idea these days.

        A few years ago, I got a chance to be in the parade with my son, a young lad way too young for what’s come to be called “Amateur Night,” posted in a parade feeder on West 46th Street waiting to get in the march. The yahoos on Sixth and coming down the street to hit the bars were in full party mode, like plebes assigned to the Sixth Fleet on their first liberty call in Naples, by 12:30 in the afternoon. The smell of puke hit the youngsters hard by 2:15, a good hour or so from when we finally got fed into the parade by the marshals.

        When we were there, we watched on a weekday these folks who seemed to have confused the day with Shrove Tuesday (complete with beads around their necks) all about us. The fact that this year’s parade was on a Saturday made me believe that a sine wave of boorishness was going to break hard upon anyone not actively part of the bacchanal, making me for the first time actually suggesting folks *avoid* the affair. And when I have to recommend against going to the parade, it’s a sad time indeed…

  1. Matt says:

    This looks oddly like a costume shop on Venice Blvd in LA! They always had the worst wigs in the window! Anyway, thanks for the like!

      1. Matt says:

        Holy shit! I drove past there for years and they always had afro wigs in many colors. I always wondered if anyone bought anything there. Ah, Mar Vista in the hizouse, what, what!

  2. Write On! Publishing, Wayne Tilden says:

    I take it that you’re the brunette in the decidedly non-Irish red dress. It’s the hair that should be red – with a freckle-face – and the dress can be black or brown or ANY color, for that matter.
    I will be disappointed to find out you are not “that [beauty] in the window”.

    Erin go bragh!

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