Is this art?: Sunday Morning Edition



35 thoughts on “Is this art?: Sunday Morning Edition

  1. Lady Sensory says:

    I was an art major. One year, I had 6 paintings entered in the student show. It was kind of a big deal. The guy who won in my category had a white canvas with the words, “family portait” emblazoned across it. It had some type of yellow chemical treatment finish that made it resemble urine. So yeah. I guess this is art too.

  2. mymotherstable says:

    Art is in the eye of the beholder? That’s the politically mundane thing to say. For the politically incorrect, I go with Kaukab’s interpretation: “Whad da madder wid you?!”

  3. Andrew - Tai Chi says:

    That is a philosophical question. What is the “is” referring to in “is this art?” Is it referring to the texted statement? In that sense are we going to take it as like a piece of literature — or maybe just an excerpt of a larger work. Kind of like finding a novel on the road, all in taters but still the novel is a work of art. In that sense it would be a work of art, a part of a work of art anyways. Is it the actual paint which is used to write the statement..

  4. beelzbubba says:

    The car/setting or the photo? The photo’s balance is too far out to be art–even naive art–but the car itself could be. The photo with some proper balance and as part of a larger sequence of “public service” messages pained on the urban landscape certainly would be art. Next in your series? On Fountain, just east of Virgil/Hillhurst, there’s a Dumpster with “No Babies” stenciled on it.

  5. SprinklinThoughts says:

    Great post – picture says a thousand words, right? And look at all the comments!

    Art? No. Expression? Yes.

    I think it’s time we stopped accepting anything/everything as art. It takes what can be differentiated as special or extra talented (& a lot of work) and brings it down to some crude, common denominator. Like saying all cooks are chefs (in a certain sense true, but not in this classical sense), or a pb&j sandwich is a banquet (I know, it is if you’re hungry). Would you rather be operated on by a surgeon or a butcher? Both can cut & cutting is afterall, an art.

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