Dame Judy

Dame Judy Bench – drag queen entering a body building contest

Dame Judy Trench – drag queen no one wants to make out with for fear of bacterial infection

Dame Judy Quench – an energy drink for those late night drag shows

Dame Judy Clench – nickname for Phi Phi Orly because she always freezes on stage

Dame Judy Wench – because the word “slut” is too short

Dame Judy Mensch – a real yenta of a drag queen

Dame Judy Wrench – a mechanic specializing in drag racing vehicles

Dame Judy Drench – a drag queen with a spitting problem

Dame Judy French – a high cut of swimsuit for drag queens nostalgic of the ’90s. Warning: master tuckers only.

Dame Judy Kench – self-explanitory after a Google search


17 thoughts on “Dame Judy

  1. GrayFoxDown says:

    My wife’s English and even she was unaware of this abundant generation of Dame Judys in England’s green and pleasant land. I’ll be damed if she wasn’t.

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