Dame Judy

Dame Judy Bench – drag queen entering a body building contest

Dame Judy Trench – drag queen no one wants to make out with for fear of bacterial infection

Dame Judy Quench – an energy drink for those late night drag shows

Dame Judy Clench – nickname for Phi Phi Orly because she always freezes on stage

Dame Judy Wench – because the word “slut” is too short

Dame Judy Mensch – a real yenta of a drag queen

Dame Judy Wrench – a mechanic specializing in drag racing vehicles

Dame Judy Drench – a drag queen with a spitting problem

Dame Judy French – a high cut of swimsuit for drag queens nostalgic of the ’90s. Warning: master tuckers only.

Dame Judy Kench – self-explanitory after a Google search


17 thoughts on “Dame Judy

  1. My wife’s English and even she was unaware of this abundant generation of Dame Judys in England’s green and pleasant land. I’ll be damed if she wasn’t.

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