54 thoughts on “Computer Broke

  1. Paul J. Stam says:

    Damn that computer. Doesn’t it know it is not only depriving you, but all of us of a special blog? Hope you find a replacement soon.

      1. microbudgetproductions says:

        I purchased the iPod Touch 4G in December, 2010. I had the 2G & needed to upgrade.
        I recently produced 7 Segments for a WebSeries based on a Cable TV Show. With 3 Production Apps, it gets the job done. For Writing, Quickoffice Pro allows me to read/write MS Office.
        From January through April, 2011, I also produced sports programming on this iPod Touch 4G, 32GB.
        I have been known to travel light. This iOS Device replaced an eMac.

      2. microbudgetproductions says:

        A friend of mine moved away from Desktop to the iPad. This is why I feel that the Big Box Computer Era is over. With iOS 5 for iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad, it means that these devices upgrade over the air, as these are devices not needing to be hooked up to the “MotherShip” computer. These are computers in their own right.

  2. roadwax says:

    As the broke user of a similarly knackered PC born in 2007, I share your frustration. Microbudgetingproductions is a little bit early in announcing that we are in “…the post-PC era…” But then again, maybe they are throwing out an old tower or laptop which they clearly no longer need…? πŸ˜‰

  3. TMPinSYR says:

    I am a dinosaur. When I was on the road last month for work or vacation and sans PC, I had a god-awful time trying to blog. Maybe you could plan some kind of Ocean’s Eleven-style heist to acquire some unique computing machine? It could be an interesting story…

    Good luck!

  4. The Reclining Gentleman says:

    not having a computer is a stressful experience, we have all become so used to having at least one in the house and always being able to work and to be in touch with the world. When my PC broke about 3 years ago, the only option was in the public library, when it was open. Luckily i-pods and mobile phones can get us online nowadays, but you can’t really write on a phone :o(
    Hope you find a solution soon…

  5. John says:

    If the main disc croaked, maybe you could replace that. It isn’t hard to pull it out, replace and reformat a new drive… Hope your stuff was backed up. Considering a Mac next time around, and wanting to try an SSD instead…

      1. WomanBitesDog says:

        Oh sorry! I was even going to say get a Mac! Hang on a minute, tho, your Mac broke? That never happens! Apple should replace it. Their reputation is at stake.

  6. Jim Bowman says:

    Feeling yr pain, I must say three years is about it for the kind I buy — refurbished, $300 or so. Am in the same boat, I sadly fear, though my new Advance Systems Care from Iobit has done some nice things to speed me up.

      1. Satis says:

        Hmm…if it’s an iPod touch, it probably will. I would definitely recommend a Mac for your next purchase. They will seem more expensive at the outset, but in the long run you will never look back.

  7. microbudgetproductions says:

    As I mentioned about blogging from my iPod Touch 4G, I am blogging right now from it from a nearby Wi Fi Hotspot.
    I know that thumbing everything can be a bit annoying, but one can still do an effective blog.

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