Life As MS Paint

It’d be romantic if my life resembled art, but it aligns much more succinctly with Pepper Ann than it does with a Warhol. At least my life isn’t Ed, Edd and Eddy or a Thomas Kinkade, though it’d rule if I were Patty Mayonnaise cool. Doug Funnily enough (permagroan @myself), I lived a TV trope last Saturday morning I decided to take my dog out on a walk before I went surfing. Full disclosure: my dog really likes to use the little boy’s room on my block, and while I totally empathize with not wanting to use a public restroom when you live nearby, it’s a bit awkward to do a pre-walk around the block before going anywhere. It should also be noted that my dog is cartoon stupid and stupid-looking. He has a severe underbite, he enjoys rocking out with his tongue out, and he loves everybody he has ever made eye contact with. After I leashed my dog up, I opened my gate and make eye contact with a postman who looks down at my dog, yells “Oh, shit!” and runs haphazardly down the block. My life.


10 thoughts on “Life As MS Paint

  1. Our poor mailman would like to wear an Invisibility Cloak when he tries to deliver our mail. Five dogs bark hysterically whenever he approaches our steps. i feel sorry for him but not for you – you have the opportunity to go surfing!! Good for you!! That’s better than art!!!

  2. You’d think by now the Postal Service would have trained their mail carriers not to run from dogs. When I was a kid, it was different. The dogs ran freely around the neighborhood and all the kids were told to run away from the mail carrier; he was always drunk.

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