List of things inspiring  me to take my comedy to the next level: an awkward conversation, a Will Farrell quote, an attractive mime who gave me a poem, Bill Cunningham, a nameless friend who got upset so s/he cried and crouched while listening to Dido, resulting in a tear in his or her favorite jeans.

I am writing a web series with the goal of making art and having fun with my friends on the world’s biggest stage. It’s going to be awkward, and cute, and a bit ridiculous. I think you’re going to like it.


18 thoughts on “Comedy

  1. Sheila Morris says:

    Go for it. Looking back over more than six decades of life now, I find the best advice my father gave me was that the whole earth is your territory. So whatever you want to do or be, go fot it. He neglected to mention a few pitfalls like not everyone would agree with this philosophy along the way, but then, no advice is perfect. Best wishes,,Sheila

  2. microbudgetproductions says:

    Currently writing a Sketch, a total sendup of “Real Housewives…”, called “The Whiny Washwomen From East Midglen”, about a Kaffeeklatsch, who brag & whine about NOTHING.”
    Who Knows, but if successful, it may end up as a Web Series.

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