Age 23: Things I’m Obsessed With



iO West

UCB (but to a much lesser extent than iO)

Penny skateboards

Arbor Longboards


Langhorne Smith 

James Blake

My Neighborhood

Paul Bunyan

Peter O’Toole

Robert Downey Jr.


the second season of the British version of The Office

Diet Coke

Downton Abbey

Vanessa Bayer


The Inbetweeners

A Confederacy of Dunces

The Ender’s Shadow series

Not having a smart phone

My friends

My family

Wishing I could write all day with having to do my day job. No offense, day job.




31 thoughts on “Age 23: Things I’m Obsessed With

  1. freelyfreckled says:

    I hate how my smartphone makes me instantly available and assailable to everyone and their grandmother. You’re right not to have one (as I type on my WordPress app…)! You’re also right in regards to beyonce and Sherlock.

      1. freelyfreckled says:

        Yes- we shall frolic together! I’m almost sad you don’t have a smartphone so I can’t follow you on the Hisptergram (I mean, instagram). I’m going to copy your idea (and give you kudos) for my age 22 and obsessed with.. post.

  2. CommuterRant says:

    boo diet coke, yay cherry coke!!

    I’m right with you on the smartphone thing, I recently “downgraded” to a non-touchscreen device and it’s the best thing I ever did. It’s still got music on it and is a phone, do you need any more?

  3. roadwax says:

    I referred your list to Prof. Brian Loadsworth at the Institute for Determination of In-coming Ostensible Trends in Society.
    Apparently, you are part of a burgeoning sub-group of enlightened, caring and free-thinking peer group leaders who facilitate sustainable evolution.
    He says you are also predisposed to Police Horse-whispering.

  4. Steve says:

    I have ahd the most simialr thoughts, lately (Not the 32 things. I don’t have the capacity to desire that much.). I have started doing stand-up again, and am looking for agents for my return to the stage. I am writing a book, and looking for voice actor work. All of these 4 strands are incredibly enjoyable, I am looking forward tothe future, and I don’t have time for the day job right now – even though It’s SEO, and is teaching me a lot for when \i launch my own website!

  5. anirtakms says:

    I’m with you on not having a smart phone. I’ve pretty much got a $10 piece of crap, but it does what I need for now. Now if there was one that did laundry….hmmm..
    Robert Downey as well. etc. I thought I had followed you before on here. Half the time I’m setting like, trying unlike, changing themes, blah. think your Blog is great. I doo appreciate comedy, strong artistic woman who have a solid voice, so Keep it up…

  6. scottcarberry says:

    Well, since we moved we haven’t had cable or internet, so we have been watching DVD’s. My wife is 30 and came of age during the domination of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on the airwaves. I am now, FINALLY watching “Buffy”. It’s often really dumb and it’s often really good and I can’t wait to watch it when I get home. She has EVERY season on DVD, hence, my new obsession.

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