The Stabbing

Yeah, I like to wear clothes made in my neighborhood, but there is still something very satisfying about yelling “I am gonna stab a bitch!”

Yesterday was my level 5 class show at iO, and I did not get out on the team I wanted. Don’t worry, this is a post about getting over my own ego. It might even be less of an ego thing than it is a thing about doing improv with people who don’t think comedy their everything.

That lack of fire really translates poorly to scene work and stage. Sure, passion isn’t everything, but damn if don’t help. Also, people lacking in the skills department can be a challenge to play with, but I’ve been improving at not letting that get to me too much.

I wasn’t having the best day. I was on a team I didn’t love. I was at the brink of a “fuck this, I’m leaving” moment, but then my teacher came out and I am such a goody two shoes, guy, that I could not leave.

I got to yell, “I’m gonna stab a bitch” about a dozen times to someone who was clearly feeling very similarly about the whole thing.  I am telling you, it is a great way to get to that holy “screw this, I am just going to have fun!”  attitude that I always strive for. Another recommended phrase is “pussy juice cocktail!”

Team Bald Eagle, technically team Team Bald Eagle, went on to make art. And not to have a big ego, but we had the best show of the night.


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