Dreams, Dreams, Downey Jr.

The past few weeks I’ve been making jumps towards making my dreams come true, I also got new glasses, which is a big deal, because they are like — part of your face. They are like my old ones, but a different color. My favorite ice cream flavor is french vanilla. I swear I am interesting!

I was playing one of my favorite games yesterday with a new friend and we ended up walking all the way to Santa Monica. The game is called “Robert Downey Jr’s House” and we walk through the residential streets of Venice and guess which house is his #coolhobbies. ย In my head, his house is one of the modern art-looking ones that stick out from the beach houses. Sort of like how RDJ’s face sticks out from most other faces. He also just doesn’t seem like a beach house brohini to me. If the house has a ringer/buzzer/intercom thing we ring and say “Mr. Downey Jr.?” and it never is. We could probably just Google his address, but that’s zero fun. Also, feel free to comment your opinion. Would he be Mr. Downey or Mr. Downey Jr.? I feel like Mr. Downey just doesn’t sound right, like RDJ would say “no, that’s my father” and be totally charming about it.

If there is one thing that halfheartedly (and perhaps half creepily) looking for RDJ ‘s house does, it’s make you hungry. My friend is newish to town, so we decided to go to the OG Hot Dog on a Stick. Unfortunately our wallets and accounts were pretty much on E, and there is just something really sad about being in your mid-20s and sharing a corn dog. Made extra sad by this ย tie-dye-clad street performer/singer/songwriter who was just awful and not self-aware about it playing right next to us. So basically, shoutout to McDonald’s for being cheap and for me being able to justify my meal me there to myself by playing the artist card. Also, the delicious coffee card. The only downside of McDs being that Mr. Downey Jr. (Mr. Downey?) would never be there. His face would also stick out a lot at McDonald’s. He fancy.

Also, I have a show tonight in the Del Close Theatre at 7pm at iO West and I joined instagram! My username is: ashleyjillian. Looking for cool people to follow on there!! Hope your weekends were awesome ๐Ÿ™‚


37 thoughts on “Dreams, Dreams, Downey Jr.

  1. onecoolgriff says:

    I love the idea of that game! If you do, perchance, meet Mr. Downey, Jr., give him a big hello for me. Tell him onecoolgriff says “hey” and you will be lucky to see that somewhat quizzical-yet-introspective look he does so well. I love him. And you too, Ashley!

  2. petchary says:

    Ha Ha! I love RDJ’s quirkiness. I am sure he would live in a rather unusual house. At least, I hope so. Good luck in your ongoing quest. I must join Instagram too! I will look for you, when I do… I hope the show went well.

  3. TammyeHoney says:

    What a cute game…as long as he does not register you as a stalker this could be real fun. You could start a trend with a fan club as well…Thank you for sharing

  4. byronsuggs says:

    If you do ever run into him, you’ll probably be totally blindsided and have a mum-mime-moment (come on, do the palm-thing with me) that leaves you feeling like Quasimodo using Rosetta Stone. That said, the dollar menu can be a lifesaver. Speaking of which, my fav of the five flavs is pineapple. I never think much about pineapples until I have a pineapple lifesaver on my tongue, then I think: pine trees don’t grow apples, any more than grapes got nuts. Know what I mean? Which makes me want to send new flavor suggestions to Wrigley’s like: lavamelons, or nostrilbanana, or furrynutcherry. Great post on RDJ. I would like to propose another game that would closely coincide: Robert DeNiro’s Junk (I will let you make up the rules, Ashley.) Have a spab-tabulous dayz!

  5. trailertrashdeluxe says:

    If I met one of my favorite musicians or actors, I’d be like Chris Farley with Paul McCartney, I think, except that I was actually worse than that. I was at an Allison Moorer concert in a very small theater once and was the first person to walk up to her when she went to the back corner to autograph and sell t-shirts. What did I say? “Umm, wow, you sing great?” No, I said nothing, didn’t buy a souvenir, just stood there looking stupid and finally slunk slowly away. RDJ will probably invite you in.

  6. Lorene Pinkley says:

    I fell in love with his dynamic, mesmerizing personality when I was 22. One glance and it was forever. Twenty years later, he still is the quintessential male. Maybe because I am bipolar, something we share. I seem to be drawn to any bipolar actor (he has a charisma similar to Mel Gibson and my favorite poet, Lord Byron, also bipolar!). It just adds another layer to a Man who is Larger Then Life. If you find the house, describe it in detail, I will live vicariously through your fingers.

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