Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged

I went to a hardware store alone for the first time. It’s possible that 50% of my purchase was Diet Dr. Pepper.

I am getting over my lifelong fear of yogurt

I joined a comedic dance team, and it just gets me right in my humor sweet spot

I want to know the name of the thing in hotel rooms, where it’s like a special lock, but it also has a chain so the door doesn’t open all the way

I got a smartphone and I have to charge it every day. what.

One of my comedy idols told me I was naturally funny and I didn’t know what to say. I got to thanks!

I went to a rare book fair and drooled everywhere

I discovered how to turn on my television after two years

I am assuming my bad luck this month is to allow for athlete’s olympic dreams to come true. And I am OK with that.

One of my best friend’s got in a bad car accident. So I’ve been like, oh sh*t, life. (He is making a good recovery and his worse injury is a broken eye socket, but head wounds are terrifying)

I realized Zedd is a man

I’ve been taking flexibility classes, which are contortion classes for not-so-cool people

I am rereading my favorite book


25 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged

  1. Paul J. Stam says:

    Glad you’re back. We’ve missed you even though we didn’t know we did. – Have a good whatever and Aloha – pjs.

  2. sportsattitudes says:

    I was pondering earlier today when I was going to make time to post something. This is like the fifteenth day in a row I’ve pondered so I now see a pattern forming…

  3. Ron says:

    Welcome back. Life does have the ability to sneak up on people, leading them away from the goals they wish to accomplish. We all go through it. Good luck with future blogging..

  4. CommuterRant says:

    I have been the same. 2 years off, now back commuting 4 hrs a day, the blogosphere will pay!
    Good to have you back but we didn’t really miss you, because we don’t miss anyone on the interweb. As soon as one goes, another takes their place and you forget all about what went before πŸ™‚

  5. thomlucci says:

    What is your favorite book you’re reading? And, thanks for “liking” my post about women drivers. πŸ™‚ This post about why you’re not blogging was entertaining. Made me smile.

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