A Thing I am Doing This Year

So I decided to give learning how to do this (skip to 2:18). I already got the tap skills, so why not introduce falling a bunch into it?

Unrelated, on the search for rainbow sparkly roller skates in the greater Los Angeles area …

Anyone else looking to do a thing this year?


Show Girl

Or at least I am one, technically. 

See me tonight at iO West in The Loft at 8pm with my baller 3-(wo)men team, The Heathers. If you’re busy tonight, that’s OK because my very talented and quirky improv team, Richard’s Kittens has a show tomorrow night (Sunday 5/26) in the DCT at iO West.

Let’s do some make’m’ups and make’m’lol. 

Also, just full confession, I have never seen the movie, The Heathers, but I was totally OK with the name because that was the name of Raja’s power clique in RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’ve seen a lot of movies, but I have notable holes in my movie education. See also: The Godfather. But, at least I’ve seen just about everything Peter O’Toole has ever done ❤ ❤ ❤

To those of you not in the LA area, I love you and I am sending over some magic to make your BBQ taste extra good on Monday.

Anybody doing anything cool this weekend? I miss you guys, I will be coming back with a real post before the weekend is done.