Show Girl

Or at least I am one, technically. 

See me tonight at iO West in The Loft at 8pm with my baller 3-(wo)men team, The Heathers. If you’re busy tonight, that’s OK because my very talented and quirky improv team, Richard’s Kittens has a show tomorrow night (Sunday 5/26) in the DCT at iO West.

Let’s do some make’m’ups and make’m’lol. 

Also, just full confession, I have never seen the movie, The Heathers, but I was totally OK with the name because that was the name of Raja’s power clique in RuPaul’s Drag Race. I’ve seen a lot of movies, but I have notable holes in my movie education. See also: The Godfather. But, at least I’ve seen just about everything Peter O’Toole has ever done ❤ ❤ ❤

To those of you not in the LA area, I love you and I am sending over some magic to make your BBQ taste extra good on Monday.

Anybody doing anything cool this weekend? I miss you guys, I will be coming back with a real post before the weekend is done.




23 thoughts on “Show Girl

  1. Southern Sea Muse says:

    No magic required here for good bbq. But sending YOU some good schtuff to one LA from another LA (lower Alabama). The only thing that’d make it better is eating it during your show. Live, that is. Fun this weekend? Swimming with a school of rays, some cownose, some electric – color me buzzed!

  2. Jerry M. says:

    Peter O’Toole, yah. The Ruling Class viewed my first time, recently…he, truly amazing as is whole film. Yes, he’s so mesmerizing & cool as Lawrence o’ A. I share your confession about The Godfather “gap”. Your portrait (w/ co star) re: “I got a bone” post, that’s you…right, right?

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