Rewatching Childhood Favorites


wait. what? Rocko was a phone sex operator?!? #missedthatwheniwassix

After rewatching the Pinky and the Brain series (and being amazed by how much better it is now that I am 22), I have started a list of shows I want to revisit. Slate posted the video above this morning. Needless to say, Rocko’s Modern Life has made its way to the top of my list. Check out my list below! Does anyone out there in Internet land have any further suggestions?

The List:

Rocko’s Modern Life

Hey Arnold!


The Drew Carey Show


The first few seasons of Spongebob

The first 10 seasons of The Simpsons


8 thoughts on “Rewatching Childhood Favorites

  1. xdeviantonex says:

    Always been a big fan of pinky and brain. Never met one person though that did not wish they were brain over pinky. Something about being a adorable goofball.

    Did know they are trying to give the Thundecats a reboot on cartoon network this may be a bit before your time,

    1. ashleyjillian says:

      haha My favorite episode is probably The Third Mouse.

      I would actually really like to rewatch Thundercats. I have vague memories of watching it with my older brother.

  2. Danniel says:

    The Drew Carey Show is one of my favorites. I started rewatching it a couple years ago when they were rerunning it on the ION network or something. Just yesterday on Youtube I watched the entire first season of the show Brotherly Love starring the Lawrence brothers (Joey, Matthew and Andrew). I had randomly stumbled onto a Blossom clip and Joey’s “Whoa” reminded me that he was on another show I remembered enjoying as a youth and it turned out the complete series was on Youtube, so now I’m watching it. It’s not great, but it’s surprisingly enjoyable. I also revisited 3rd Rock From the Sun and that was very enjoyable.

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