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About once a week, I get an e-mail asking for blogging tips — and I usually don’t respond because I’m not quite sure what to say. It’s really nothing personal, I’m just a bit stumped/ don’t have the free time to fully read and analyze your blogs (but I promise that I stopped by!). I am going to try to tackle this in a post in the near future and I would love your help!

Do any of you super cool web people have any tips you would like to share? I promise that I’ll link your blog or w/e in the post.

Thanks in advance!///



35 thoughts on “Blogging Tips

  1. Becoming Bitter says:

    Posting material based on your experiences does wonders for getting traffic. Most of my posts have been about some assholes I’ve met or events or random stuff based on what I like. Bloggers should either try to relate to their potential audience or post things other people would enjoy reading. Posting things that make an impact in some way on the reader is another tactic employed by bloggers.

    Okay that’s all the advice I have to offer based on the content of my own blog and other people’s blogs that I have read.

    By the way, awesome post idea Ashley!

  2. Neeks says:

    Maybe if you collected links to things like sites that teach grammar, or punctuation, etc. and respond with a post of all the links?
    Or put them in your blog roll and then you can respond to questions by saying “check out the websites in my blogroll…”

    1. ashleyjillian says:

      That’s a good point, but I don’t really think you need good grammar to be a “successful” blogger. Grammar helps for people to be able to understand you, but as soon as I see anyone doing grammar humor I stop reading.

  3. bestbathroombooks says:

    I’m not a female writing about my experiences, so I will automatically get less readers. I go for triple-entendre blog titles (multiple meanings can illicit a click) and a pic that is either funny or pleasing or at least not boring. Good consistent writing and POV keeps readers coming back. Accuracy in tags helps too.
    But isn’t “successful blog” an oxymoron?

      1. bestbathroombooks says:

        I don’t think so. I’m referring to females. Men just have a different POV and I think there are more women blogging. But isn’t writing and blogging two different things anyway?

  4. Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    Not wanting to be a STAR helps. I think it crimps your style.

    I’m always interested in heartfelt ideas. We’re all human, right? Must be at least 50% of the population who can share a similar experience.Write from the heart OR, if you have great humour about a situation, more power to ya!

  5. Michael Sadowski says:

    Here’s a tip: keep your own life crap out of it. You get caught and it gets you in trouble. DON’T do what I have done..don’t broadcast your dirty little secrets and the crazier notions best left buried in the basement of your sick mind. You might think you’re turning your flatulence into literature but you alienate more people than you attract.

    1. ashleyjillian says:

      that’s true, and when you make things super specific it’s harder for people to get the big picture as to why the situation is funny. I’ve never thought about that, but it’s actually quite good. *high-five*

  6. Linda Vernon says:

    Here’s what I like to see in a blog:

    Topic up front
    Short Paragraphs
    Rambling only if humorous
    Pictures that support the topic
    Some kind of point no matter how obscure or thin must be made
    Freshness is highly prized!

  7. lizziecracked says:

    Blogging tips? to what end? It’s not very specific is what I guess I am saying. My tips:

    1. know why you are here, what you hope to achieve, what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad. Figure it out when you set up your blog and after you are a few weeks in to see if you feel differently.

    2. Be true to yourself. It’s your blog. don’t let anybody tell you you are wrong if you feel good about it. You will never please everyone so be happy with yourself

    3. Grammar & puntuation if you really want someone else to read it AND undestand it.. I’m sure you are aware how one little comma can change the whole meaning ….if it’s just for you and you don’t care then who cares but that would again depend on #1 and I’m not saying anally correct either but really….just sayin

  8. Crystal Rayne says:

    Proofread before you hit the publish button. I understand the brain most times phonically fixes words as you read, however one too many times of a her replacing a here can make a brain swell. If the temptation of the publish button is too much to handle, write your post in word first.

  9. zendictive says:

    I still can’t figure out how to add blog-roll, it comes up every way but the way I want it?? It is suppose to list others blogs but it doesn’t?

    please blog goddess help me (grin)

  10. Kellie Kennedy says:

    I agree blog about what you know. I also feel don’t get stuck on being so grammatically perfect. Write how you talk! My friends and parents gave me the best advice, if it sounds like it is coming out of your mouth…you have written a perfect blog.

  11. El Guapo says:

    Everyone I’ve spoken to about it says (like me) that they wanted to say something, to speak (or yell, or mock) to the world.

    Oh, and the word Sex in a title will usually get some extra clicks.

  12. spider42 says:

    I’ve gotten fairly bad at it myself but I find if you have a certain regularity to your posting it definitely helps because people get used to it – like a magazine or even a weekly column in a paper and the like.
    Other then that there’s the obvious stuff like: post what you know, post at least SOME images with each post, make your blog visually pleasing and accessible, roam other blogs and comment/like on them (this part I think you got down! :D) and such…

    All the best, cheers…

  13. talker96 says:

    The best advice for writing a successful blog entry(or blog post, as those of us in the industry like to call them) would probably be to let everybody else have their say.
    I’ll explain. People love to comment on things they briefly read about, especially when they read just enough to make them sound like they know what they are talking about. So what’s the advice? Simple, do what this post did, just have everyone else fill in the topic. This solution is easy on the eyes and makes everyone feel like they contributed.
    While my blog is somewhat successful, I know all to well the dangers of a commentless site. When nobodies talking your site becomes 30% more likely to get broken in to and 56% more likely to try hard drugs. We’ve all been there people, you’re not alone, but this solution will take you out of the skid row and into the Beverly Hills of WordPress, with basically little or no work at all.
    Great post Ashleyjillian….and great post everyone else.(wink)

  14. kayjai says:

    I use my blog as a venting mechanism for my alter ego…is that bad? Maybe. My humor stems from my life, hence I tend to spew forth utterances otherwise left unsaid. My audience appreciates the honesty/humor in the situations and feel free to comment openly. I try not to put too much personal crap out there, but I can’t help myself. I guess the blog is what you make it and making it as individual as you are, is the best. A unique perspective is always a great way to go! Thanks..KJ

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