Confession Time/ General Life Updates

So the week of St. Patrick’s this year, my bestie texted me “OMGWENEEDTOGOSEELORDOFTHEDANCE3D, drunk.” I am always down for this sort of thing, but this movie spectacular event was a one-week limited engagement and it was only playing in super white people places, like Thousand Oaks.

We couldn’t get our schedules together to make it happen and  I made the mistake of telling my parents (who also live in Los Angeles) about it.  My parents, being super white people, made me go see it with them, sober. They didn’t specify sober, but it would just be way too awkward to go not sober. We got there a bit early and the only other person in the theater was a fat 50-something dude with a mullet, who went to see Lord of the Dance 3-D by himself.  And just for the sake of detail, he was totally half-way done with a large butter popcorn, and most of it was on the floor and/or in his hair.  There were 12 (white) people in the theater by the time it started, and as much as I want to sound cool, it was kind of non-ironically awesome. I am still haunted by how lame I feel for being OK with it, hence the need to confess it.

General Life Updates: In the next week I will end one job, start another (yay) and turn 23.  Also, I have a co-ed (non-orgy) sleepover with my improv friends, Disneyland and various other mischief scheduled. Should be epic.

Feel free to hit me up with your blogging tips and/or questions here. I will be tackling those next week *pinky swear*.




20 thoughts on “Confession Time/ General Life Updates

  1. Elyse says:

    Ashley, you would have been better off seeing it after having imbibed some good Irish whiskey. You know the dancers and producers did. But the impact of paper glasses on the inebriated is still, um, under wraps.

    1. ashleyjillian says:

      My dad met Newt Gingrich in the bathroom of that Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills and the secret service escorted my father out before he could wash his hands. He did shake Newt Gingriches’ hand with his unwashed hand, though. 100% true story.

  2. Michael Sadowski says:

    I am a “Super White Trash” person and I was denied admission to this show. Do yo think I should take it all the way to the Supreme Court?

  3. DumbFunnery says:

    Reminds me of that classic comedy bit, “white people watch river dance like THISSSSS” (google: “excited white guy”) “… black people watch river dance like THISSSSS” (picture not found)

  4. Ship Happens says:

    I found a live broadcast of the Royal Ballet at a local cinema’s big screen so took my wife. i was sober, and the only straight man in there!

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