Emotional Humility

Emotional humility is having to admit to people that you feel pretty meh about Star Wars.

Emotional humility is defriending someone on Facebook who you thought you would never see again only to have them confront you about it two years later in front of a group of people.

Emotional humility is saying goodbye to someone after hanging out and then realizing you both parked in the same direction.

Emotional humility is accidentally making eye contact with someone in the car next to you and doing your best to give them a heart eye emoji face to make the uncomfortable in a whimsical way.

Emotional humility is when sometimes you try to hard to be alternative, but ultimately you are still right handed.

Emotional humility is not being able to tell a workout song from a regular song.

Emotional humility is admitting that your keyboard is red not from blood, sweat, and tears, but from Hot Cheeto dust.

Emotional humility is not updating your blog in six months and admitting that was an oopsy. It is also emitting a small prayer than you are using the term emotional humility correctly.


A Blog Post to the Internet (Because who are we kidding pretending this is a letter?)

Some days I feel nostalgia for things I’ve never had. For example, a pen pal in second grade who keeps up the charade of old-school blind friendship for more than ONE flashcard-sized letter. This is coming from a girl who gets overly excited by getting an email from a real human because my ratio of those to casting notices and newsletters is super underwhelming.

Hence, I’ve been largely hanging out in the physical world with the notable exception of online poker because no one is perfect except for my dog, and even she poops on the side of the house sometimes because it brings her great joy.

Here is a short list of what I have been up to:

  • Started to run a comedic variety show where I have made a lot of inspiring friends
  • Gave up all variations of soda for 8-months, didn’t lose any weight
  • Booked a national commercial and several pilots
  • Rented a house in the city (with roommates) that bled my finances dry
  • Got really into tap dancing
  • Moved to my parent’s house
  • Ran into Ricky Gervais on my way to a commercial audition, got really jazzed about it. Pulled a butt muscle during the audition, played it off real cool.
  • Hollywood is glamorous, y’all

So now I am back in the valley, charming everyone with my valley accent, and working to get myself back on my $$ feet because I am not sure how possible it is to be in your 20s and not work in tech and have a savings account.

Hair Shows

Summer Hair:


First Half of Summer Shows:

Team: Spaceman’s Promise coached by Bob Ladewig


  • First Tuesday of every month at The Neon Venus; 10:30 pm
  • 6/25 at iO West in the Loft: 10:30pm
  • 7/8 at iO West MAIN STAGE: 11 pm
  • 7/10 at iO West in the DCT; 10:30 pm
  • 7/22 at iO West MAIN STAGE: 11 pm

Team: Art Dicko coached by Mike Leffingwell

  • First Tuesday of the month at The Neon Venus; 10:30 pm

Confession Time/ General Life Updates

So the week of St. Patrick’s this year, my bestie texted me “OMGWENEEDTOGOSEELORDOFTHEDANCE3D, drunk.” I am always down for this sort of thing, but this movie spectacular event was a one-week limited engagement and it was only playing in super white people places, like Thousand Oaks.

We couldn’t get our schedules together to make it happen and  I made the mistake of telling my parents (who also live in Los Angeles) about it.  My parents, being super white people, made me go see it with them, sober. They didn’t specify sober, but it would just be way too awkward to go not sober. We got there a bit early and the only other person in the theater was a fat 50-something dude with a mullet, who went to see Lord of the Dance 3-D by himself.  And just for the sake of detail, he was totally half-way done with a large butter popcorn, and most of it was on the floor and/or in his hair.  There were 12 (white) people in the theater by the time it started, and as much as I want to sound cool, it was kind of non-ironically awesome. I am still haunted by how lame I feel for being OK with it, hence the need to confess it.

General Life Updates: In the next week I will end one job, start another (yay) and turn 23.  Also, I have a co-ed (non-orgy) sleepover with my improv friends, Disneyland and various other mischief scheduled. Should be epic.

Feel free to hit me up with your blogging tips and/or questions here. I will be tackling those next week *pinky swear*.



Real Estate head shots

Real Estate head shots make me lol. Too real.

Marlene gets bonus points for having a motto that doesn’t actually mean anything.

“A field of opportunities, success through effort”

She also gets bonus points for having flowers grow out of her head.

Joseph has “Integrity and Commitment” and he’s the “agent of the month” which is somewhere between fast food employee of the month and James Bond on the sexy scale. Hint: much closer to the greasy end.

This is just awkward.

Wait, I don’t understand their motto.

“We Care about being #1 for YOU, not the world!”

They must be so embarrassed by how awful their motto is that they can’t even stand to look at each other. It’s hard for me to look at them, too.

I am going to finish with this one.

What? Did the camera break or something? Is the photo black and white because the ad is vaguely racist and the realtor doesn’t want you to know what race s/he is? Or for that matter, I can’t really tell the gender. I am uncomfortable.


p.s. I really want to hear more of your awkward stories.  Leave a comment here with your best story and I will love you forever.

New Shirts

My best friend and I are wearing these to go see William Shatner tomorrow. She made them with her mad puff paint skills.  I am planning on zombi-fying mine for Halloween because I feel like the Shatner-Fangirl-Zombie is an underrated Halloween costume.  Also, I’ve been an Angler Fish for the past few years, so it’s probably time to change it up.