School Spirit

Go Bears! I really hope they bring these looks back. Also, I hope they do a “where are they now?” on the models.



20 thoughts on “School Spirit

  1. Rachael Black says:

    I may have to kill myself. These are clearly early 80’s dweebs. At least I was following the Madonna look -petticoats, BDSM tops, and fucking big hair; just that I HAD big curly hair which didn’t need teasing or a curling iron. Ergo I had my own look.
    OH and always wore black…which hasn’t changed. Nor have the tops.

    These jocks frighten me. they’re the same bastards that taunted me in high school, picked me last for any PE event, and were the first string of ‘I’m gonna pump it up and change the look of humanity..what you’re not perfect?’

    Pretty sure you don’t have to find the picture. Probably from my yearbook.
    and people wonder why I have never attended a reunion…and graduated in ’78.
    1978 not 1878. True story on the dates…

  2. joehoover says:

    I like how the guy on the right is trying his best to be more macho in his stance and not thrusting his hips out. Not so for the others, they fought over the mesh top, yellow shorts is still pissed off white shorts for messing his hair in the fight so he had to wear the cap.

  3. improvmantra says:

    Is it just me or does the girl in the Cal t and ball cap look really uncomfortable? She looks like she was thrust into this photo because she’s yellow muscle shirt’s g-friend (notice the hand holding).
    Yellow is like, come on Baby, these are the cool kids!
    Cal t, um ok.
    But inside she can’t forget that UC blondie used to spit on her when they passed each other in 8th grade.

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