New Shirts

My best friend and I are wearing these to go see William Shatner tomorrow. She made them with her mad puff paint skills.  I am planning on zombi-fying mine for Halloween because I feel like the Shatner-Fangirl-Zombie is an underrated Halloween costume.  Also, I’ve been an Angler Fish for the past few years, so it’s probably time to change it up.


24 thoughts on “New Shirts

  1. Michael Sadowski says:

    Groovy. I’m planning to be a broken-down, empty shell of a man for Halloween. Good choice as it requires no costume.

  2. David Archer says:

    Stunning Post, do you do the T-Shirts in Extra Small Fat Bloke Size? I ruined my best friends appreciation of Bob Dylan by playing him the william Shatner version of Tambourine Man. He still kicks me every time I see him in the pub.

    Keep posting, I like your style.


  3. stuffialmostbought says:

    OMG! I haven’t seen puffy Paint in forever!! I used so much of it back in the late 80s/early 90s (wow do I feel old)! I had the coolest Converse neakers covered in purple puffy paint. Nice work on the T shirts!

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