Depressing Ad of the Day Goes To

Cancer swagger?

Does anyone else think that these ads are too depressing for their own good? Like, I would rather give money to a child having fun than be confronted with super depressing images all the time?

The balcony of my old apartment in Berkeley had a full-on view of a billboard with a cute bald girl on it and the words “Will Sammy beat Leukemia?” for almost an entire year. Definitely a great way to start and end your day. My friends and I would pretend that Sammy was a the star of the worst/most high stakes video game ever. In my head it was a crappy Gameboy Color game, but I guess we never actually hashed that part out. When they finally took the billboard down, we made crass jokes about how she is probably dead, because we are the worst people ever. To be fair, it was probably just a defense mechanism against actually dealing with childhood mortality all the time. Basically, my college friends were super cool and we had awesome hobbies, like hanging out in the lounge music section at Amoeba Records dressed like members of Joy Division and pretending to be part of a banjo-heavy goth lounge band called The Gothics. Full Disclosure: Most of my college friends were dudes, pretentious, loveable dudes   ❤ ❤ <3.


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