All My Favorite Things

I wanted to start 2k12 by posting a picture of all my favorite things. And I am going to have no regrets. Here it is:



33 thoughts on “All My Favorite Things

  1. La Stranezza says:

    Also, it’s fascinating that nobody else thought of that before I did. Doesn’t anyone watch TOS anymore?

  2. Michael Sadowski says:

    If my memory serves me well, I believe that alien dog’s “horn” contained a powerful venom that killed at least two or three hapless, no-name security guys before Spock mind-melded with the little beast and taught it how to behave. I may be wrong but…

  3. Paula Tohline Calhoun says:

    So great! ST always had such great animals! They always looked like the costumer had run out of ideas and just went to the closet and pulled out whatever spare fabric or junk they had lying around. . .like the fake fur that became tribbles. . .

  4. Anthony says:

    Maybe that was Lady Gaga’s first acting role? If not, look for her to steal the costume for whenever she sings at the inauguration party for NASA’s next generation space vehicle.

  5. Linda Vernon says:

    “Does she know what she’s getting, Spock? A carcass full of memory banks who should be squatting on a mushroom instead of passing himself off as a man? You belong in a circus, Spock, not a starship. Right next to the dog faced boy.”

    Probably not the same episode but when I saw this picture it reminded me of that line.

    I wonder where I can find a unicorn horn for my dog who looks very much like this one?

    (Ashley, is that last sentence a questions because it kind of starts out like one but then ends like it’s not one? Hey, this one does too! 2012 is already affecting me in a wierd way!

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