98 thoughts on “Super Curious

  1. Alan Brech says:

    Seeing a UFO on my way to a nightwatchman summer job in June 1983 with my then-brother-in-law who still does not believe in UFOs! “It must have been something from the Government,” is how he explains it. Yeah right, the government’s been sitting on all this awesome technology since 1983–they wanna bequeth it to their kids??? You think people like Cheney would forgo any capabilities whatsoever?
    The point is: skepticism is a faith that can blind you to objective facts as surely as any of the traditional faiths.
    Actually, none of this is really that wierd! I’m sorry, I wasted your time…

  2. Marc Phillippe Babineau says:

    The strangest thing that ever happened to me – me and my brother were fishing the Rupert River in Canada’s far north (northern Quebec, by Hudson Bay), 500 miles from the nearest house, when a guy with a boat mustache comes over the waterfalls in a canoe! He stopped, we partied for a night with him and exchanged stories, the next morning he shot the biggest waterfall i had ever seen someone shoot – and he just went on his merry way!

  3. apronheadlilly says:

    Mine is probably when I hired a girl to drive me to a gig in El Centro. Driving along she’s telling me what an apparently jinxed life she leads. That’s when the car hood flew up going 70 mph down the freeway. I was starting to believe her. On the way home, we had a flat: spare is flat, no jack. on the freeway with no help in sight, no cop when you need one. At 5 a.m. 2 guys stopped to help us who were just getting off from closing up their “night shift” massage parlor. That was pretty weird. I never hired her–or saw her–again!

  4. Carl Parmenter says:

    That is quite weird. A lot of weird things have happened to me, the oddest of which being the time I was robbed in an Australian hostel. We went out to a bar for some food and some guy in our dorm decided to go through our bags while we were out. As he was stoned he ended up getting into bed with my laptop and falling asleep. When the police arrived to sort the issue out he pulled out a meat cleaver from under his bed… So I could’ve just as easily been hacked to pieces in my sleep, which made sleep difficult that night. Very surreal experience

  5. Dan Gillmor says:

    The most surreal experience that I have ever had was helping to fight the forest fire that destroyed one third if the town of Slave Lake, Alberta last spring. I have seen a lot of weird or strange things in over twenty years in the volunteer fire service but that had to be the most surreal. When you drive into a subdivision and all but three houses are destroyed and the ones that are standing look almost unscathed. – all for no apparent reason. While fighting one part of town you would hear an explosion as a pressurized cylinder from a BBQ or cutting torch cooked off an went up into the smoke. It was unreal.

      1. Dan Gillmor says:

        The town website says the following

        The town of Slave Lake is located at the eastern tip of the lake, around the oultflow of Lesser Slave River. According to the town’s website, the name Slave Lake originated with “an aboriginal nation derogatorily named ‘Slavee’ by several tribes of the invading Cree nation.”

        There is the fact as well that the Slavey people themselves occupied a region of the Northwest territories as well

      1. Dan Gillmor says:

        The rebuilding is taking time but good progress seems to be getting made. Was there last week and the downtown core was bustling with a steady commercial traffic.

      2. Dan Gillmor says:

        Other than a few hours sleep our losses were nil. We had a number of displaced families from more northern communities having fires staying in our local arena.

      3. liz blackmore says:

        This just goes to show how long debriefing and mental heath issues are needed aftera t ime like this. The ramifications linger longer than the physical event. I don’t mean this is any other way, except a caring one.

  6. iamskorpio says:

    Eighteen years ago, after my third date with a young woman, she took me back to her apartment and presented me with a “guide book” for continuing the relationship with her. It was more like a diary or journal of sorts, but the details contained within left me speechless. As this is an open forum and I will soon have a new book on the market, I’ll refrain from sharing the sordid details here. If you’re truly “super curious,” email me and I’ll elaborate.

  7. ugly maria says:

    I was on the phone with my mom in the grocery store while I waited for my sister at the ATM. From out of nowhere a random man threw a bag of frozen peas at my head! I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak for a minute. The man walked over to me, said, “Oh, that hurts,” grabbed the bag and left. I cursed as soon as my wits came back to me. My mom was still telling a story on the other end of the line and didn’t even notice my out-of-place response. I kid you not.. this happened.

  8. Anish Nair says:

    Well my experience might not seems that weird; there is nothing extra terrestrial about it and it may be a little amateurish too but here it goes. I had a college friend (a girl) with whom i used to hang out all the time but we never shared any personal details with each other and we both had our crushes n stuff but we never used to discuss about any of them. So, one day we decided that on our final day of our college we will hand over each other a slip of paper having some personal details about each other which included the name of the person we had crush on throughout the college period. I had a crush on one of my classmates who was also my friend room mate but of them had no clue about it. So, as the final day came we exchanged our papers. She opened the paper in front of me, read it and suddenly left. Completely puzzled but her response, i opened the paper i had and i found the reason for her reaction. In the crush portion of the information, my name was written. And that was the last day i met her. I came to know that she left the city a month after the incidence to pursue higher studies but i never heard from her ever again. That left me feeling weird all the time. Is it weird enough?

      1. --Rick says:

        Thankfully, you didn’t go and you’re here now entertaining people like me with your thoughts and writing. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog.

  9. thelastsongiheard says:

    One Sunday night, I dreamt I was driving down the road when I saw a work colleague broken down by the side of the road. His wife and daughter were with him. I asked him if he needed any help and he said no, his son was coming to get them.

    I told him about the dream the next day and he told me that the day before, he, his wife and daughter were on their way to see their future in-laws when their car broke down by the side of the road. The daughter had to call her fiance (the future son-in-law) to come get them.

    My dream was almost right LOL

  10. bluepearlgirl's world says:

    As in JC Dugard Phillip Garrido?? CREEPY!! I am more interested in your weird story personally but here goes for mine.

    I was traveling through euroupe in 1997. I was 22 years old. I had been traveling alone for about a month and a half. Long story short, i had booked one flight before the trip and the rest was done on a whim… But i had to be in Paris by a certain day in August. At that particular time, i was to Amsterdam. It would have been a lot less hassle for me to fly to London from Amsterdam, but i had to fly from Amsterdam to Paris so i could catch my already bought flight from Paris to London.

    Of course, a half an hour flight, they loose my luggage. It had ALL of my clothes and of course, they were all dirty by then. I waited in Paris for 3 days for them to find my baggage. When i finally got it, i had to find a laundromat. I ended up on a little cobble stone street right off of Les Invalides.

    I figure out how to use their machines and what Francs were which to go into the coin compartment. Buy a baguette and a bottle of water. Did my laundry and walked down a street. Now mind you i have NO idea where i am in Paris. I had not really done any sight seeing because i had no clothes and the city was FILLED with youth catholic groups invited to Paris from all over Euroup to see Pope John Paul II.

    They were everywhere. Wearing matching tee shirts and singing and clapping while walking in orderly fashion throughout Paris. Where i ended up was at the very end opposite the Eiffel Tower. It is set up with if i can remember right, long lawns, i think 6 of them. They were sectioned kinda like the mall in DC except for a blvd that goes down the center as well.

    There were like a half a million of these youths and i think that there was an event with the Pope at the Eiffel Tower that day because the lawns were FILLED with people. Huge groups. All but across from the lawn nearest me, a local soccer team was having a practice game. I was the ONLY single person i saw there period. I was not having ANY luck trying to find a cab back to my hotel so i finally decided that… what the heck, i have nowhere to go & no one to see… I may as well cop a squat and relax on the lawns for a few minutes. Enjoy Paris after all. I had a towel, a book, a baguette a bottle of water, a walkman and a cigarette. Everything i needed.

    After about 35 minutes or so as the sun was starting to go down, all of a sudden out of nowhere, it started to POUR. I tell you, i have never seen so many people vacate an area in such organization and efficiency than i did that night. Within 10 minutes the only people left on those lawns was me and the soccer team who was so sweaty they could not tell the difference and didnt care about getting rained on.

    So i walk up to the top of this bottom left lawn. And waited. There was just no taxi’s and the couple i saw were full. I decided to walk into the center and crossed to the bottom of the second lawn on the right (hopefully you are still with me here) i was on the corner of this intersection in the middle of these lawns and was looking all around me.

    Suddenly, to my right, my eye was caught by a lot of flashing lights. Emergency vehicles. A convoy of them. They were coming up the side of the lawns and drove to the top by the monument. Then turned down the middle blvd. I was the only person standing there or anywhere around really and just minutes before there were about a quarter million people gathered here.

    That is when i got a drive by. Pope John Paul ll drove directly past me. within probably 6 feet with the whole procession and the Pope-mobile and all! It was like it was my personal parade! I was so stunned that i just stood there with my bags of laundry in my hand in my baseball hat in awe. I wish i had thought to pull out my camera but of course i could not think of something so practical at that point.

    As soon as the procession crosses down the center, the very next second an empty cab crosses between the lawns and picked me up. It is the only account i can ever recall thinking to myself, maybe there was some devine intervention right there, because it was like living in a movie. It was a mind bending thing the way it all didnt work out for reasons and then did. Like it was master-planned!

    For me to think all these kids came miles and miles to see him and I didnt even know he was there or cared much for that matter and I got a private parade. Of all of those people who were just trying to get a glimps of the pope, i got to see him without any crowd fighting or anything.

    I have had a LOT of weird things happen to me but this one is the one that comes to mind right now the most.

    Sorry this is so long. It is hard for me to do cliff note versions of my stories… I am working on it!

  11. liz blackmore says:

    Do you believe in ghosts? I have an honest-to-real story about three places I have lived in. They all had a spirit there. One was aggravating because she would move things back to how she would have placed them, one was evil, and he really caused alot of emotional upheaval in the family and the last one was gentle, but played old time country music every once in a while. I don’t know why I am posting this because it sounds nuts, but it is what it is.

  12. roadwax says:

    Driving home with my mates at 3AM on a pitch-black summer night, we passed through a local village and were surprised to see the ancient church in the village square had all its lights on.

    We stopped and discovered it was on fire inside from one end to the other. Molten lead was pouring from the roof like rain in the darkness. Over the next four hours, we struggled in vain with six fire crews to save it with pumps screaming, timbers crashing and walls collapsing,

    When dawn came and the church was a blackened and steaming ruin and there was nothing more we could do, I looked around for the first time to see all the villagers lined up behind me, holding hands and crying in silence.

    The church was rebuilt.

  13. OptyMyst says:

    Weirdest thing ever was hanging around in a cemetery late at night with a bunch of other high school kids (long ago, and far away), when up walked a man dressed in red from head to toe. It was dark and he was creepy. I think he was a neighbor trying to spook us out of the cemetery and out of the area. I think.

  14. kakie says:

    Listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and thinking the man talking was really in my house somewhere. Yes, there’s more to the story, and I was young, but it was weirdly hysterical!!!

  15. thelostkerryman says:

    Weird? I think I majored in that…eating cat (covered with bisquick) with a group of drunk Nigerians (no, I thought it was dry shake and bake chicken), eating a full fast food lunch sitting in the middle of the road- as a dare (OK, I was only 16), following the governor general of Canda to the front of the changing of the guards in Ottawa (I was stuck in the crowd- didn’t realize they were secret service pushing forward)…

  16. mskatykins says:

    Very cool question… I’m not sure… Well actually, on Friday night I was walking home with a big box of books. This kid started banging a car window and trying to catch my attention. I walked over to him and he was shouting: ‘Why don’t you just move on your way!’… I was like, ‘eh?’ then I looked again and he was telling me not to go that way… I left, confuddled and thinking, oh well, if something lands on my head, so be it…

  17. writelindy says:

    There are so many weird things that I am worried that maybe it is to do with my aura. How about the night I was sat with my friends talking about another friend’s spooky beliefs and a bat flew in through the window!

  18. Jim Cantwell says:

    Probably was trying to get a possum out of my garage that snuck in when I left it open one night, they don’t just drop and play dead like everyone thinks

  19. Lisa W. Rosenberg says:

    Gum in hair/cab accident.
    Got hit by a cab crossing Madison Avenue in NYC. Sailed through the air, landed belly down in the middle of the street; shopkeepers and bystanders ran out and surrounded me so I wouldn’t get run over while I was lying there. Ambulance takes me to the hospital where I am declared basically (miraculously) ok except for a slightly fractured knee and dislocated shoulder that they re-located with ease. Here’s the weird thing: I was chewing gum when I got hit. Somehow the impact of the cab dislodged the gum from my mouth and sent it into my hair. THIS was the biggest hardship of the accident. As you might be able to tell from my avatar, I don’t have easy hair to begin with but with a headful of chewing gum? I thought I’d have to go for the Sinead O’Connor look for a while. Luckily a nurse told me to try peanut butter.

    It took me a day and a whole jar of Skippy, but I was able to get all the gum out.
    My knee and shoulder felt better by then too.

    1. trailertrashdeluxe says:

      So glad you’re with us today after that horrible accident, Lisa–was great of the bystanders to protect you. It wasn’t that weird of a thing for me, but I was chewing gum at the zoo one day a couple years ago, like a cow with my mouth open, with my 5 year old girl sitting on my lap. Suddenly the wind came up and my gum was mysteriously gone. Luckily it of course was the end of her hair that got it, so I borrowed scissors from the staff there and just cut it out, and her mom and stepdad still don’t know it happened.

  20. kriskkaria says:

    Our dogs played with a young crow who fell out of the tree in our backyard and it died. Probably from fright and exposure. However, the adult crows blamed us and our dogs for the death. For a month straight, every time we left the house to walk the dogs, they followed us for blocks, cawing and cawing and cawing. One day, they even attacked me and the dogs, diving at us several times.
    I have lots of Does This Happen to You moments but that’s one the weirder ones.

  21. kingmidget says:

    When I was a kid, somebody broke into our garage and stole one thing … a box of laundry detergent. Sorry, can’t do better than that. Plenty of sad, frustrating, and annoying things have happened, but weird? Probably not.

  22. drewpan says:

    I was reading at home alone one night, and I noticed that there was a large moth in my room. I managed to chase it out of the window with a rolled up magazine after 5 mins of swiping. But the moths didn’t stop bothering me, so I kept looking around and realized they were coming from behind a curtain. I pulled the curtain back, and found the entire window crawling with something like 50+ moths.
    The shock gave me an instant nose-bleed (a first for me), and so I spent the next 15-20 mins with a wad of tissue jammed into my nose, held in place by a necktie, running around with a vacuum cleaner trying to catch those bastards like I was a Ghostbuster.
    It was a pretty weird and ridiculous sight, really.

  23. stephenedwards425 says:

    I can’t go into a lot of detail, because I’m not a lawyer and I’m uncertain about the statute of limitations on certain crimes…but I can tell you it involves naked women, a Hyatt Regency Hotel, tons of money, the Rolling Stones, and several mad dashes on planes across the Unites States…lol.

    Be encouraged!

  24. sfbell09 says:

    One of the weirdest would have to be the night a group of us were coming home from a bar, after $1 bottle and kareoke shenanigans. In the middleof a T intersection I spotted what could be described as a free range chicken. (We were not near a farm. This is a plain old college town mind you.) I exited the vehicle in less than graceful Dukes of Hazzard style (through the open window, on account of being unable to work the door handle.) I proceed to chase the fowl into a bush at the end of someone’s drive way. I suppose the notion of catching a chicken appealed to me greatly. So I am head first in the bush after the chicken, my two friends are still stopped in the middle of the T (it’s probably 2:10 in the morning) Anyway, I back out of the bush and slide back in through the window just as… Yup, the cops pull around the corner. Three seconds later we are pulled over. The driver (stone cold sober thankfully) now has to relate the tale of why I was head first in a bush to Law Enforcement and not casing a house for burglarly at a later time.

  25. bluepearlgirl's world says:

    And… to answer you, YES i have seen several ghosts.. Here in San Francisco we have a lot of old houses and a lot of old spirits. But this house i am living in now takes it. It threw my iphone up and across a doorway. We were standing about 5 or 6 feet away from it and it flung itself about 8 feet across the room. I guess it didnt like the lady gaga song that was on! 🙂

  26. zombies1984 says:

    Now that’s weird! Lol. Mine was probably when a very scary, very tattooed couple approached me and asked me to join a cult of theirs way out in an abandon mine. Yep, had to be the weirdest moment … Ever. Lol

  27. buttonpushingmonkey says:

    My grandfather died when I was 7, the first time I ever really had to deal with death. It’s after the funeral, the wake is at my parents house, and I’m hiding behind a couch while the adults drink copiously and eat carrot cake.
    So I look out the window, and who do I see but my grandfather walk down our driveway, and onto our porch, where he knocks on our front door.
    I’m frozen. My Mum answers the door before I can say anything, but she seems surprisingly blase about the ghost of her departed father.
    She calls me over, and I hide behind her legs, while she introduces me to my Pop’s identical twin brother.
    Whom she had never mentioned, or shown me a photo of, before this moment.
    And then I never, EVER saw him again.

  28. Moonbeam McQueen says:

    Great replies, great stories!! Please, oh please write a big scoopy post with details of your invite from Phil. I wonder if he had a band at his party– The End of the World Players or something.

  29. egghead23 says:

    Years ago I was going to a concert with my then-boyfriend and another couple. The other guy was driving, and he was RACING up the interstate in heavy traffic, weaving in between all the cars, the whole time, he had his left hand on the wheel, while with his right he was frantically changing radio stations. I was white-knuckled in the back, though everyone else seemed to think all was cool.

    Just when he realized that he needed to cross five lanes of traffic within a few hundred yards to make the exit, he put both hands on the wheel, leaving the radio on a jazz station. Time seemed to stop right then, as I crouched down in the back seat, waiting for some kind of impact.

    The song ended and the DJ announced the name of the next one. He said with no inflection at all, the way you would imagine an FM DJ to sound, “It’s called ‘Am I Ready to Die?'”

    I looked around at the other three people in the car. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard! What a conicidence? Right? But none of them seemed to notice.

    And then we were through the hole in the traffic. Somehow we made it to the concert and back in one piece.

  30. chancedagger says:

    Took a trip to Europe way back when. Picked up a Renault 4 in Paris and off I went, down to Spain. Gave an English girl a lift over the border, bought her francs off her so she could buy pesatas with US dollars. Nice girl, lovely conversation, that was all. Off I go down to Grenada, then over to the Riviera, down to Naples, up to the Alps, north thru Germany, up to Copehagen – this all over many weeks – and driving out of Denmark, I see a young couple hitchhiking and gift them a lift. We’re all headed to Amsterdam, so we chat up a storm during the drive. I mentioned my travels and the girl Jennifer says, “Did you give a girl a lift into Spain and buy her francs?”
    “Yes,” I says.
    “That was my sister,” says she.
    Nothing more than coincidence but for all of that, a good one.

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