Working on an Epic Project, Need Your Help

Yo E-Friends,

So I’m working on something a bit ridiculous and I need your help. What are 3-5 things you think about me? Feel free to be as snarky, cheeky or straight-forward as you want, as long as they are honest. I’ll post the finished project.
Oh, and preferably email them to ashleyjt7 [at] gmail, but commenting is also totally cool.
update: I’ve also been asking my irl friends this, and it’s dawned on me how strange, yet surprisingly comfortable it is to have this conversation in the context of the society we live in. It’s so weird for your friends to verbalize how they feel about you. Also, Total Eclipse of the Heart is playing as I type this.

22 thoughts on “Working on an Epic Project, Need Your Help

  1. bestbathroombooks says:

    What do I think about you?
    1) WTF?
    2) One of the most amazing cartoon characters on the internet
    3) Finding a dirty book in a stairwell is not a blogpost…oh wait, it’s AJ
    4) William Shatner teeshirt line probably not a good idea
    5) I didn’t know they made serial killer glasses for women

  2. sorrygnat says:

    I don’t know you very well, but I like your writing. I find you bright, spunky, good tickets as far as work-sensitive to social and political currents, which indicates caring and passion, and creative, and, don’t forget ann, some one of your friends has a pug dog! That’s it in my good, criteria for an eternal relationship; good luck in your thingamgidgy project

  3. Alan Brech says:

    Not at all self-absorbed
    Never name-drops celeb names in her anecdotes
    Does not consider her self to be “an epic project” that she is “working on”
    Does not care what others think about her wanting to know what others think about her, which is bold I guess…
    Never random…
    Always concise…

  4. itchemeyer says:

    2.Hot but the picture’s taken at a facebook angle…more stalking required.
    3. Genuinely funny- is she gay? Wait, she likes Star wars. That’s a toss-up. Whatever, she lives on the West coast, it’s not gonna happen anyhow.

  5. lawman83 says:

    I tried to email this to you, but it did not work.

    You have a finely tuned sense of the absurd and you wield irony like a rapier.

    Your intelligence is outta fucking sight.

    You need some work on your technical skills — spelling, grammar, and composition.

    You have some insecurity that is getting in the way of finding and developing a healthy relationship with a significant other.

    I think you are prettier and sexier than you realize, although I have only ever seen the picture on your blog.

    Don’t get any funny ideas, though. I am literally old enough to be your grandfather’s much older brother.

    By the way, here is a suggested title for a blog post: Was Jesus Bothered by Hangnails?

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