The problem with being iconic, is that you are too easy to recognize and that can lead to a whole lot of TMI. Here is to you, Lindsay Lohan and your bad decisions and bad luck, here is to you, Apollo Anton Ohno and your making out with a random girl at Gold’s Gym and here is to you, light and dark pink stripe bag, for making me picture way more people in their bloomers than I ever wanted to imagine. 


16 thoughts on “Judging

  1. Theo Black says:

    So true; the bag makes you stop and think. This lady at work brings her lunch in the pink striped bag. I think she’s bragging.

  2. Author Charmaine Gordon says:

    By now you know me and how I stick to my own business. That’s age and experience talking here. Frankly I don’t care about who gets in trouble for what or why as long as it’s not someone I love. Think of time wasted when you could be doing something to improve your life.

  3. disperser says:

    There are benefits with being iconic . . . Lohan would have been put away for good long ago were it not for her iconic status.

    Ohno is benefiting from his fame; I’m certainly no expert on the female mind, nor their tastes, but his “look” works only in the context of what he does. Anyone else would just look “odd”, but combine that with the made-up mystique of fame (bad boy image?), and he attracts enough females to make other guys think that perhaps they can work the “odd” look.

    But you are right; being an icon can be a bother . . . I am glad I’ve not reached iconic status, or I would have to hang up my bloomers.

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