Tips on What to Do on a Sick Day

Please share your tips and/or bits below!! ❤

1. Sleep in

2. Blast “Come Sail Away” by Styx while you brush your hair until it gets way frizzy. End your hair brushing during the last major chorus, then use it as a microphone. Bonus points if you stay committed to the song even though the gardeners can hear you.

3. Wear mismatched clothes. It should be noted that I sometimes accidentally do this in real life. You know that conversation you see in movies where a mother makes her child change because her outfit is too revealing? I’ve had (and occasionally still have) that conversation with my mother, except instead of slutty clothes, it’s because I am doing a bad match job.

4. Make sure that it’s not the day the fire department comes and checks your smoke detectors. If it is, make brownies.

5. Consume as much food as you want without regard for the other c-word: calories

6. Sit around all day and watch Bill Murray movies. Realize it is your life goal to be in a Billy Murray movie. Turn off your phone, put a bunch of newspapers out front, double check that your front door is locked.

7. Try and fail at watching daytime TV because your television is way to complicated to turn on by yourself. Does anyone else have this problem?

8. Come out about your Facebook cover photo. A lot of people have been liking it because they think it’s a girl playing a specially-designed piano in bed, but I don’t think they know that that girl has polio. Awkward. I might keep that one to you guys. Shhh.

9. Make art out of your tissues, just make sure to recycle them by the time your roommates get home. Be sure to take a picture, so you can remember the good times you had with your used tissue pterodactyl.

10. Organize your shoes

11. Accidentally sneeze on your dog, be thankful for unconditional love, but make sure he knows that it wasn’t revenge for all the times he drooled on you.

12. Go on Twitter and see that James Franco called your friend an offensive name, get strangely excited. For the record, he called your friend “A Faceless (the real c-word) that can suck my d***” Oh, James Franco.

13. Post your journal for the day to your blog


26 thoughts on “Tips on What to Do on a Sick Day

  1. Borednicole says:

    Great sick day ideas. I especially like listening to “Come Sail Away”, one of the best…songs…ever. And watching Bill Murray movies, I’ would just keep playing Groundhog Day, while eating brownies. 🙂

  2. museconfuse says:

    Be able to spend time in bed all day in my jammies without feeling guilty! I love being in bed under my blanket and with all my pillows!

  3. Peter Germany says:

    I haven’t got enough hair to do number 2, but seeing as I am actually fighting a nasty cold today I can tell you I’m watching TV and messing about on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

  4. prosewithabbitude says:

    Go to a coffee shop in the loudest and boldest color/design of PJs that I own, and sit there for a couple hours sipping coffee and persuing cyberspace. Later on that day hit the local watering hole and start happy hour at 3pm.

  5. Let's CUT the Crap! says:

    I used to do laundry and anything else I couldn’t keep up with in my younger days. Currently, when I’m sick, I stay in bed. A large glass of water, a book in the event I can keep my eyes open long enough to crack it open and my lovely cat.

    Entertaining list you have or your own. I had a giggle or two.

  6. writingthebody says:

    Right lists…..irresistible to me…so two of them. IF sick: 1. sleep in, 2. take a lot of water (assuming it is a cold/flu etc), 3. take andropgraphis for the cold. flu etc, 4. listen to radio and try to go gradually back to sleep. 5. get up at about 1pm, have small hot shower, and clear sinuses there, 6. eat something light, or maybe have soup…vegetable soup, 7. early night. BUT IF not sick, then, 1. sleep in, 2. have a nice hot coffee in bed, 3. get up and have shower and nice breakfast, and 4. go into garden, 5. do whatever it is you want to do (plant something, have sex, eat pineapples, whatever, 6. make evening meal, and 7, nice night watching either internet crap or tv crap, and sigh get ready for tomorrow.

  7. Jeff says:

    Hmmm. We don’t have a dog, but I did pretend to sneeze on a Jehova’s Witness once. I felt guilty, though. Regarding animals, we do have a pair of Maine Coon cats, but one has to be careful when playing practical jokes on felines. They have a tremendous sense of humor, but only when it is their idea. If your little funny doesn’t fly well, cats can be masters of revenge and passive aggressive behavior, usually involving digestive byproducts or the use of claws.

  8. cannopener says:

    I had a total day off one time – my mother-in-law had the kids from overnight to teatime, I didn’t have to be at work but my husband did – so I did what any sane person would do: got into the bath and watched the entire second season of Downton Abbey. (Well, I watched about 4 episodes in the bath and then finished up on the couch, as I was getting too pruney for comfort.)

  9. sherijkennedyriverside says:

    When I read the ‘Come Sail Away’ one I thought it was tips for making yourself sick…I HATE that song, and ask anyone, I am not a hater. I was tortured by hearing it over and over on the school bus in high school…why yes, I am old. Love #9! and I’d love to see photos of a used tissue pterodactyl.

  10. atkokosplace says:

    I can’t remember the last time I was sick, however number 2 on your list is a fantastic way to start any day! “Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with meeeeee…” too cool! (Thanks for reminding me of STYX. P.S. I’m my own gardener 😀

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