I got a bone!

Because G-d threw one my way! I hope that didn’t sound too dirty :/


I’ve been keeping busy lately. I started studying Stanislavski and I love it, I booked and shot my first TV Pilot and one of my  biggest comedic influences started following me on Twitter (!!). But now I am feeling all this pressure to tweet well, but I could have worse problems — like starvation or a flat tire on the way to a job interview or sneezing during a make out scene or something. Above is a picture with way bad lighting of me and the pilot’s lead. She’s rad! I’ve also started reading some plays by Steve Martin and they are terrific. I would love love love to put one on someday. Now time to keep on working. Happy July 4th everyone! Try to do one thing this week that is out of your comfort zone (but in a positive way, mooning people ain’t cute)

Also, anyone have any good July 4th recipes? My mom’s birthday is the 5th, so I want to make something special




24 thoughts on “I got a bone!

  1. Nicole says:

    Congrats to you on your recent accomplishments. It’s always awesome to see someone doing what they love and having a blast, even though there is still hard work involved. You give the rest of us out here some inspiration. Cheers. 🙂

  2. Southern Sea Muse says:

    Way to go!! I love Steve Martin…doing anything he does is bound to succeed. You’re on the right track, not because of what may happen in the course of your pursuits, but because you are YOU. Never stray from your dreams…

  3. Louisa's Writer says:

    I was in a production of ‘The Underpants’ last year. it’s a German farce, adapted by Steve Martin, and is an eye-opener. For a 100 year old farce, it’s themes are just as cogent, today. it’s worth a read.

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