Things Learned from Reality Singing Competitions

  • What people from other states look like
  • How bad my sense of geography really is — I think this is a general Californian problem, or a specific Los Angeles Unified School District Problem.
  • If your parents are priests, you are going to blow my mind
  • No one on The X-Factor is even vaguely cool, but everyone on The Voice is way cooler than me. Is there a singing show for averagely cool people? What about averagely cool people that can only kind of sing?
  • You can come back 10 years later and be on a reality show about losing weight (Ruben Studdard)
  • I know how to spell Ruben Studdard without looking it up
  • America, we have seemingly infinite talent, but also seemingly infinite distalent
  • If your child/roommate/love interest/ potential love interest (PLI) can’t sing, PLEASE TELL THEM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE
  • I love judging people, even though I pretty much can’t sing well at all

16 thoughts on “Things Learned from Reality Singing Competitions

  1. philosophermouseofthehedge says:

    Seriously funny.
    Wish they would go back and do a most horrid performer show. (but they could only do it once – people would catch on and pretend to be horrible just to be on TV…horrible only works if performers really believe they are good)

  2. Corvidae in the Fields says:

    Observation #2: No, it’s not just a California problem. I’ve made my embarrassing slip ups (i.e. saying the Everglades were “close” to Jacksonville), but am virtually an atlas to my contemporaries. It’s a little concerning.

    Observation #4: You’ll need to pitch this to someone. I’m seeing a sort of “Karaoke Tonight” with the best intoxicated versions of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” LA has to offer.

    Observation #9: This is why you’re a humorist and not a singer. Know thy strengths.

  3. Cris says:

    Loved your second to the last point.

    I have a friend who loves to kaorki (however you spell the **** word) but can’t sing on key. She’s the only one who knows she can’t sing, but why should I be the one to ruin her fantasy world? We all have our fantasy worlds. Besides, it’s too late already. Way too late. And I like having her as a friend. Telling someone she can’t sing when she thinks she can is just not the best idea. I just can’t sing at the same time as she does or I’m not able to keep on key myself.

    By the way, thanks for liking my Halloween post on my f-stop fantasy blog. See? We all have our own fantasies. I like to think I can take pleasing photographs. 🙂

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