Comedy Devil

There is one thing about comedy that makes my skin itch. Neutrality. Like khaki pants and dry turkey sandwiches, I just gotta ask why.

This could be my Berkeley brainwash, but I think the mass rewards of formula and structure lead to a lot of mass boring (i.e. almost every buddy cop comedy, except for the one with Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah because what). I would say that all the people who have had the largest impact on me as a writer and performer are very unapologetic about the lens in which they view the world. I find that so refreshing, inspiring and captivating. Hubert Selby Jr., Lucille Ball, a scientologist wanting to give me a stress test. All fascinating. May we never settle!


4 thoughts on “Comedy Devil

  1. ernestwhile says:

    Sure, but sometimes you have to build the expectation of formula, if only to punch them before the punchline. Some of the best jokes start out as a classic “three”– i.e., a priest, a rabbi, and a corn muffin walk into a bar…” and deliver the punchline on two. It wouldn’t be as funny if the listener wasn’t waiting patiently to get to three. I’m just talking out of my butt here because I don’t do comedy, I do depressing dark and suicidal.

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