What It’s Like to Be My Friend

My friend helped me shop for apartment trinkets yesterday, and I paid her with these miniature decorative cat plates (also, in love).  I was hoping they were handmade portraits of some crazy lady’s decreased cats, but alas, they were made in China. The one second to the left has a double chin.


35 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Be My Friend

  1. Deceased, yes! In, China, probably somebody’s lunch! My son and his wife are in Shanghai working. One of their friends left country for a trip and left their apt. with dog in the care of local firends. They came back and their “friends” had eaten their dog! Wasn’t that what it was for? 🙂

  2. oho. the cats of Liu Xiaoqing, famous old crazy lady of Zhengzhou. i recognize the portraits, especially the one of the famous cat, Zhang Manyu, with the double chin. it’s from a set honoring her and her cats.

    the Chinese don’t eat cat, but they will feed dog to a cat.

  3. It’s just as crazy that mini plates of random cat faces are mass produced. And how satisfying that visitors to your friends house will now think that she’s a crazy cat lady. The gift that keeps on giving!

  4. “some crazy lady’s decreased cats” … someday I will be “decreased” … or at least the area I take up will be “decreased”. hee hee!

    note: usually cats with double chins are Siamese … or had a lazy owner who gave them the same Chinese name … “Chin”.

  5. Oh man. I have to get my hands on some of these. Preparing for a life as a not so crazy but sort of weird cat man. These are truly symbols of modern Americana art!

  6. That’s an awesome gift. It’s so practical and can be used in a variety of ways.

    I want to be your friend, but I would first appreciate tiny teacups with pictures of parrots on them.

    In return, I will give you a ChiaPet. Also very useful.

    P.S. Hilarious post! 😉

  7. My friend would absolutely steal these! how cute. I’m surprised urban outfitters hasn’t started rolling these out (rolls eyes quasi-sarcastically…I only 1/2 hate that place!)

  8. Just because they were made in China doesn’t mean you have to lose hope! I would think that out of the billions of people that live there, there’d be at least a couple million crazy ladies who hand paint portraits of their deceased cats onto miniature decorative plates that eventually make their way to trinket shops here in America.

    Ok, maybe a couple million is kinda high. I think a more realistic number would be just one million.

    BTW, nice blog!

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  10. Interesting viewpoints. Me, I blog for myself. It is interesting to see why I bought something, how I felt about an issue, or just track a fav project like my solar energy analysis every five years. I am not interesting enough to have a big following like you do.

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