Unfinished List of Things That Make Me Cry

I think we should have this conversation — what makes you cry? Please give  me many responses as I am procrastinating on studying :D.

Here are mine:

– Jim Henson’s funeral (you can watch it on YouTube).

This is sort of my go-to if I need a good cry, which I feel everyone should have at least once a year. Also, I think it’s a must watch in general. You know how they do shows like improvised Shakespeare and improvised Charles Dickens? I dream of doing a one-night only improvised Jim Henson’s funeral. I promise to invite you, but I can’t promise to make you cry.

– Seeing a man adopt a dog and then take the dog on its first walk

This just happened to me on Venice Blvd. and I almost lost it. The dog was just so excited and the man had this big smile on his face. That was straight up beautiful.

I don’t know if that dog was a he or she because I didn’t check it out like that, hence the “its”. I met this woman last week, who is a straight-up middle-aged cat lady with a feathered mullet and frumpy sweaters et all who was talking about how her cats are like children to her. IDK, I feel like there are so many ways to go about your first conversation with someone that aren’t “I’m crazy cat lady!!!!!!!!!” Anyways, I feel like she would be pretty pissed off that I don’t know the gender of the dog.

– Extreme Home Makeover.

I know that this is basically the show that led to the cancellation of Arrested Development. I’ve probably only watched ten episodes of EHM ever, but it gets me every single time/ makes me feel fundamentally American, even though I always have to suspend disbelief that these families aren’t going to be able pay for utilities and property taxes.

– Lion King. Every time, without fail.

Mufasa’s death in the stampede. I hope this didn’t spoil the movie for anyone.

– Also like, death and all that kind of stuff


75 thoughts on “Unfinished List of Things That Make Me Cry

  1. apronheadlilly says:

    I just saw a video of an autistic blind boy singing in front of a bunch of teamsters. It wasn’t just the sweet kid, but there was a big tough looking guy sobbing like a baby. That got me, too! My hubby thinks I’m pathetic.

  2. ashley watson says:

    Writing an email to someone whom I love deeply but who has hurt me over and over, and telling her I still love her but have to let her go. Just cried for about an hour…

    But I also cry when I watch the Northern Exposure episode when Shelley has her baby (every freakin time!)

    1. ashleyjillian says:

      Ah, I’ve done totally done that, but only cried for like fifteen minutes. You can really only give people so many second chances, but a toxic friendship is a toxic friendship. That being said, it still totally sucks, but it’s nice to not have to carry that weight anymore.

  3. umi says:

    Awww, I went to see The Muppets with my mate and he mentioned Henson’s funeral on YouTube. He told me that Big Bird cried during his song. I want to cry right now thinking about it.

  4. Bob T Panda says:

    Reading “anne of green gables”, watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Miss Potter” (truly a sob-o-rama)
    Thanks for the hint about Jim Henson. He’s one of my heroes (Duh, Babette de Panda is totally inspired by Miss Piggy)
    Thinking about my cat getting eaten by coyotes or the dog next door
    Things that make you cry are good for you, I think.

    1. Rachael Black says:

      Natasha oh O know. folds is my here (am a pianist myself) and have every Elliot Smith album as well. the fact that Seattle police will not re-open Elliot’s ‘suicide’ by steak knife… after his girlfriend admitted being with him at the time also makes me cry.
      You’ve good taste in music.. and sadness

  5. Rachael Black says:

    What makes me cry?
    Waking up in the morning and realizing I’m still alive. Cruelty to animals and children. Life. This is probably not a good subject to comment on as I’m crying right now. Every day brings tears, for too many reasons to list -or reveal- here.
    Was compelled to read your list and agree with every point. Then the Elliot Smith/Ben Folds comments brought me in.
    Thank you. Always appreciate your writing… a wonderful reprieve from the tears

      1. La Stranezza says:

        In my experiences, caps lock is only necessary when talking about how awesome Gabriel Garcia Marquez is. And I think there’s supposed to be a couple of accent marks in there.

  6. Lone Grey Squirrel says:

    I admit that it doesn’t take much to get me crying. But especially, anything sad related to children. Also, I always cry when I watch the movie “Running on empty” which stars the now deceased River Phoenix which is about a family on the run from the federal authority abandoning their eldest son so that he can have a chance for a normal life.

  7. Bethie says:

    I was skimming through my 186 emails (I need to stop turning notifications on for every little thing) and was sidetracked by this post. You’re not the only one that comes here to procrastinate, as I’m sure you know.

    My list…
    -When Buzz Lightyear finds out he can’t fly. Imeanwhat? HE CAN FLY!! HE CAN, DAMN IT!!
    -Lord of the Rings; all three films, but mostly ROTK
    -Anne of Green Gables
    -Particularly good tea/hot cocoa
    -The web comic “The Dreamer”
    -Anything to do with electric shock/torture by electricity
    -Also, Lion King. Same reason as your reason.

  8. Rant Rave Write says:

    Dave Matthews “Grace is Gone”

    The cheesy Kathy Mattea song “Where’ve You Been”

    And that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial, which of course means my husband stops on it every single time it comes on.

  9. El Guapo says:

    – End of Star Trek 2
    – End of The Natural
    – When Old Yeller gets shot. (Actually, never seen Old Yeller, but I’m told it’s always supposed to be on lists like this, so here it is.)

  10. T says:

    Great blog Ms. J~ I got far enough w/WP to open an account & pick a theme (maybe, can’t quite commit tho)…anywho, my picks for a weep-o’rama would be this song/vid: Tell Me There’s a Heaven

    …and this video: The Power of Words

    If these fail to move you, you’re probably dead…

  11. The Enthusiast says:

    The Ewok getting killed in Return of the Jedi (you know, Star Wars 6), Though that was more when I was much younger. Now it’s only if I examine my life.

  12. Jacob Spire says:

    Like all men, I don’t cry; I just get things in my eye.

    For example, after watching a miniseries about the holocaust, my friends and I all got things in our eyes.
    Another thing that made me get something stuck in my eye was being woken up at three a.m. by noisy neighbors, after a whole week of barely sleeping. I was too tired and too frustrated to cope with it.
    Yet another thing is cutting onions. Darn it, those little bulbs are so cute and helpless!

  13. bestbathroombooks says:

    You are a blogging genius. You are going to be getting comments on this for probably a year. Good luck studying.
    When we put my dog down. When I dropped my daughter off at college.
    I get jealous of people who can cry because it feels like nothing else. But it’s hard to make yourself do, kind of like trying to barf without using your finger.

  14. Ahmnodt Heare says:

    I cried three times that a I remember:

    1) September 11, 2001
    2) When “Family Ties” was canceled. I had a crush on Justine Bateman.
    3) Last year when i lost a game of “Rock-Paper-Scissors” and had to sit through “Eat, Pray, Love.”

  15. barkinginthedark says:

    the deaths of animals makes me cry. – but not the deaths of people…maybe it’s a combo of 2 reasons – because as people we know we’re going to die…and that i think that animals are the true innocents, the real angels. anyway, it’s always how i’ve felt. strange i guess. continue…

    1. Rachael Black says:

      How true. Cruelty to animals is far more painful than cruelty and death to humans, and for exactly the reason you mentioned.
      the ad with Sarah McLaughlin soliciting donations for abused animals causes me to tear up. The ad with Sally Struthers (does that damnable thing still run?) doing the same for starving African children makes we want to put the bitch on a diet of fly and contaminated water.

    1. Rachael Black says:

      this song makes me tear up as well. so much so that I taught myself to play it on the piano when it was released. Poor neighbors that week heh. On the other hand, all of these years later I still tear up when even I play and sing it.
      Cry and feel so much harder to hear it played perfectly by John Ondrasik/Five for Fighting. Good call Itchmeyer.

  16. Jen says:

    Somebody once told me that the youtube chick who danced down the aisle to her own wedding danced because her dad had died shortly before the wedding. So she danced to make walking down the aisle alone without her daddy by her side ok.


    So now, I suffer HUGE body-convulsing, mascara-bleeding hiccupy sobs every time I hear that Chris Brown song. Chris Brown, of all people! Do you know how often they play that song on the radio?


    Dear Jesus, I’m tearing up a little bit right now. Stupid Chris Brown.

  17. lauren says:

    Homeward Bound is a really good one! When I watched that movie as a kid I was always close to tears when Shadow would get stuck in the mud pit. But I was used to happy endings so I always assumed it would work out.

    The first time I really sobbed during a movie was in Castaway when Wilson floats off into the ocean. For some reason I felt a deep connection with that volleyball… I guess I’ve always had compassion for inanimate objects.

  18. barkinginthedark says:

    AJ, i’m getting this message when clicking on your Prius blog…(i always think of priapism when i see that word):
    Ashley Jillian
    404 Not Found

    Oops! This page does not exist. Maybe you can try searching for it again.
    Search for:

    Follow Blog via Email

    You are following this blog (manage).

  19. barkinginthedark says:

    getting this…

    Ashley Jillian
    404 Not Found

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  20. roseshadows says:

    Data dying in ‘Nemesis’ I had to watch it 5 or 6 times before I didn’t get a lump in my throat.
    Oh No! Thanks Ashley, I thought I’d got over it! I’ll….be……back….later……

  21. Kansas Wiley says:

    Great post. Some of things on my list have already been mentioned, but I realized that my answers fall into two categories: films and sporting events.

    Under films: A Christmas Carol (1951 British version); It’s a Wonderful Life (especially the scene where George stops the run on the bank); Fearless (w/Jeff Bridges); The Cider House Rules; and, perhaps my favorite all-time movie, The Best Years of Our Lives (multiple Oscar winner from 1946).

    Under sporting events: Just about any marathon, just about any triathlon (but especially the Ironman in Hawaii), the 1996 Olympics opening ceremony where Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic flame; and, probably my favorite sporting event–though I’ve only read about it–the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, a 54-mile race with a strict 12-hour time limit. Seriously, just reading about the people who run it and the people who cheer them on is enough to choke me up.

  22. lorenakoran says:

    Kids and animals and people and plants and the earth and stuff being abused can make me cry but especially babies and children cause they are so helpless and trusting.

    When I put a movie on for my kids to see that I really loved in the past it tears me up.

    When I’m PMSing I tend to cry about anything really. lol

    When my kids are hurting physically or emotionally.

    When I tell people about how my daughter with aspergers \was terribly bullied and how through Lady Gaga’s life story and my daughters Vice Principal she gained self confidence and the bullies started leaving her alone it tears me up. Happy tears!

    Watching people get the help they need on Ellen and other shows. It makes me too happy.

    When I get unexpected help right at the right moment.

  23. the urban misanthropist says:

    Great Post. For me reading ‘The Book Thief’ had me bubbling on the bus like a big baby. Best last line ever.

    Nick Cave singing ‘The Ship Song’ also works.

    Last time I saw my unborn baby on a scan worked as well. Doesn’t it always?

  24. dmwright says:

    The new muppet movie made me cry. If you still haven’t seen it, you really need to 🙂

    The movie Heart & Souls – a scene when the little boy is saying goodbye. I always cry at that part.

    When I was pregnant, every time I heard my unborn baby’s heartbeat, I cried.

    And Extreme Makeover always makes me cry, too!

  25. SzaboInSlowMo says:

    Extreme Home Makeover gets me too, and I hate it. Here’s one – the ASPCA commercial with abandoned animals and Silent Night in the background. And it just keeps playing every commercial break…

  26. joyannaadams says:

    Bambi, Dumbo, War Horse..Moonlight Sonata, old Linda Ronstadt Nelson Riddle records, sick dogs, that commerical that the Humane Society plays where they show abused animals, and yes, having to put an animal to sleep…that last minute you look into their eyes and they question you —why?

    “In the arms of an angel…”

    I did that once, and will never EVER do it again. Let God take them.

    Loss of freedom. America dying. America dying…dying…taken over by Jesse James too big to fail.

    Watching your friends suffer from lack of money for healh care, doctors cutting off the wrong limbs, stupid doctors… people commiting suicide that COULD have been saved easily…any one who has lost a child. I cry when I think of my little nephew Justin who use to coo at you when you held him…although he was in tremendous pain. Gone.

    And…most of all the horrilbe feeling of powerlessness…to change anything in the vast wave of human suffering, I cry when I am powerless to help my child, even though he is a man now. That’s always a hard one.

    I’ve had enough crying for one lifetime. in my future, I aim to suffer less, and laugh more.

    That was an excellenet question asleyjillian.

  27. bottomoftheswamp says:

    For me it’s the episode of Buffy where her mom dies. Gets me every damn time.

    Also most things that are retrospectives with sad music about 9/11 or sports (father-son stuff especially). HBO has a documentary titled 9 Innings from Ground Zero that I’m pretty sure was invented solely to make me cry nonstop forever.

    oo! and the first time I watched Up. Granted I was alone and drunk at 3am, watching it under my covers. But I’m not sure that’s enough to excuse the obscene levels of my sobbing.

  28. danroberson says:

    I was a tough guy who would rather die than cry until I went through a divorce and was without kids. It seemed everything made me cry after that. Now I could tell you sad story after story. But that’s another story.

  29. beckyyk says:

    I don’t go to Church often, but went to Mass today.

    At Mass, I saw a woman sitting with two kids. The little girl was 3 years old. The little boy was like 8 months. The mother took out a bottle of milk to feed the baby. The older sister and the baby both sat on the mother’s lap and the older sister fed her little brother a bottle. I teared up because it was so cute. To see a 4 year old feed her baby brother a bottle.

    I laughed to myself because it was so cheesy to cry at. But it was sweet.

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