The Day I met Abe Lincoln

The Day I met Abe Lincoln

Today my high school best friend and I met one of our personal heros. 4/28/12. Hope y’all are having a great weekend!


27 thoughts on “The Day I met Abe Lincoln

  1. I love Abe Lincoln! Did you know he bought a cart full of used law books from a beggar for a dollar and taught himself how to read, learn law and then became a lawyer? Well, that’s before lawyers were sharks. (okay, okay, not all lawyers are sharks) But Abe probably told you all this over Cappuccino.

    I love the combat boots in the pic w/Abe. I used to have a pair like that; Franco Sarto’s. I miss them so.

    I think my insomnia has now kicked in full force. Having read that Abe is a vampire hunter and takes spin classes w/Elvis my imagination is on the run.

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