The Day I met Abe Lincoln

The Day I met Abe Lincoln

Today my high school best friend and I met one of our personal heros. 4/28/12. Hope y’all are having a great weekend!


27 thoughts on “The Day I met Abe Lincoln

      1. philindablanke says:

        Lincoln was known to dance the pole here and there. He also implimented the first post slavery jazzercise and pole dancing facility in Virginia. He got blasted over that shit…

  1. says:

    I love Abe Lincoln! Did you know he bought a cart full of used law books from a beggar for a dollar and taught himself how to read, learn law and then became a lawyer? Well, that’s before lawyers were sharks. (okay, okay, not all lawyers are sharks) But Abe probably told you all this over Cappuccino.

    I love the combat boots in the pic w/Abe. I used to have a pair like that; Franco Sarto’s. I miss them so.

    I think my insomnia has now kicked in full force. Having read that Abe is a vampire hunter and takes spin classes w/Elvis my imagination is on the run.

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