The Best Thing to Happen on Twitter in Awhile

The Best Thing to Happen on Twitter in Awhile

I am assuming that this is what goes on in Modelland .


25 thoughts on “The Best Thing to Happen on Twitter in Awhile

  1. Andrew says:

    Although I’ve been out of the fashion game since my “incident”. Believe or not, we models DO eat. Gosh, sometimes…

      1. Andrew says:

        It was the “Great Mustache Fire of ’07”. I’m sure you heard about it. It was in all of the fashion blogs. Since then, I haven’t been able to grow one again, let alone show my face.

  2. rich says:

    the only things i have to say about tyra banks are not even close to positive. however, since i can’t tell if you are or aren’t a fan of hers, i’ll save my comments because if you’re a fan, you wouldn’t like what i had to say.

      1. rich says:

        my kid watches her on that model show. it drives me nuts how she can stand there and tell these girls that they didn’t smile right, they should’ve posed this way instead of that, blah blah blah. did she forget already that these models are mindless and are simply taking direction from the photographer? i’m sick of these shows where so-called experts are correcting others on what they did “wrong.” it’s all opinion of course. but on some shows – like with tyra – i’m sure she is just a contrarian. no matter what those girls do, she’d tell them they should’ve done something different.

  3. frommherrtzueternity says:

    I’ve not been to Modelland, but what goes on there doesn’t seem that different from what the average suburban ‘mediarite’ is capable of on any given social media site. Photos of what one’s eating is an odd trend rife with social commentary potential; it’s only a matter of time before we see an art exposition contrasting the food posts from the wealthy North against those from the South reminiscent of Hank Hill’s narrow urethra juxtaposed with a starving child photo from Mike Judge’s animated TV series King of the Hill.

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