Guys, the Old Spice Guy is in my improv class.


62 thoughts on “lolmylife

  1. Michael Sadowski says:

    Old Spice has the most sickening aroma of any “perfume” manufactured by man. It’s thoroughly disgucting, especially when guys use it as deodorant and forgo a shower…which they do…or to disguise the lilting scent of last night’s alcohol binge reeking out of their pores…like my old man did. Old Spice should be either 1) outlawed completely, or, 2) weaponized somehow by the military. They could probably use it to “humanely” neutralize thousands of female spraying it from helicopters. I can’t believe they still sell this crap or, that anyone even uses it. Peeee-uuuke!

  2. Quill Gordon says:

    Old Spice is great! Keeps me smellin’ sweet, even when I forgo the occasional shower, but isn’t it hard to keep up with a guy like him in improv class? I mean, he’s, like, magic …

      1. Jen says:

        Yeah, but he’s the man – woman. And you looked at the picture of him that you posted on this blog, right? I’d be unable to function in a five mile radius of all of that.
        I met Vincini once from Princess Bride. He was not impressed by my impression. Clearly he failed to appreciate that he was in the very best movie of all time. Hopefully Old Spice Guy appreciates that he is in the best series of commercials of all time.

  3. drewpan says:

    That ad didn’t even air in Singapore, and it must’ve been the most viewed ad over here when it came out. We just watched that over and over again, and laughed every single time.

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