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The first time I ever responded to a spammer because I just could not let this one go. Also, don’t copy/paste on any of the links, I made them unclickable because they might be malware or whatever.

Subject: Guest Blogging Inquiry

Hi, I came across your site, and I wanted to know if you would be interested in letting me contribute and write a guest post? As you may already know, adding new content to your site is like adding fuel for Google and really helps to boost your rankings.
I am a seasoned pro when it comes to online writing and I follow all the most up-to-date guidelines to make sure my articles are 100% Google friendly. Here’s some of the guidelines that I follow .

Here’s a few examples of some articles I have written recently…

If you are interested, I can pick topics that will appeal to your readers or you can even pick the topics and titles. If you’re not quite sure, then at least give me a chance to impress you and if you don’t like what I write then simply don’t post it. Thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing back!”


Hi Dominique,

Can you please tell me about your time at pornbuffer?



Hi AJ,

To answer your question about the whole guest blogging thing, I’ll tell you how it works. I get in touch with a certain website’s webmaster and ask for permission to promote my site. When he/she approves of it, I’ll write an article on his/her website whose topic is either chosen by me or the webmaster, either is fine with me. In that way, I’ll be able to put in a link in my article going to my site and if my writing is good, I’ll also have many visits, thereby the website from where I posted it into will also be visited many times. It’s basically a win-win situation because I’ll be able to promote my site while having people visit the webmaster’s site too.That’s how it also works in Some of the posts there are written by my team mates and we have been with many other sites as well (as you have seen in the sample articles I sent you).

I would really love to share my writing with others and I would really love to further our guest blogging experience in your site.


Hi Dominique,

Would you be open to writing a post on “Shit Dudes Say Post-Coital” or something else along those lines? Feel free to pitch me some ideas.



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98 thoughts on “Guest Blogging

      1. rujabes says:

        Ah, pity….talking to spambot is like talking to a drunk senator. You just never know what they’re gonna say next. And they’re only ever slightly on topic.

  1. stevesw says:

    Nice response. Good chance ‘Dominique’ is some guy in India and he is waiting for his supervisor to look-up the meaning of ‘Post-Coital.’

  2. Lady Sensory says:

    I love that you called her out on her experience at ‘pornbuffer.’ For some reason I’m picturing an adult version of an airport shoeshine stand….
    And I literally did laugh out loud when I read this. I hope my laugh wasn’t loud enough to wake up my neighbor’s kid.

  3. jdtharp says:

    Let me know how it turns out, I’ve been in the market for a relief pitcher to step in from time to time when I need a break from the drudgery that is blogging. 😉

  4. transparentguy says:

    Shit dudes say post-coital:

    “See ya later.”
    “Do you have anything to eat?”
    “Is there any beer left?”
    “What’s your name, again?”

    There. Guest blog all done. I don’t even want anything in return. I swear. I promise I’ll call, too.

  5. irishsignora says:

    Well played! I hope you don’t mind that I shared this on my Facebook page; I have several blogger friends who have had the same eye-rolling spam comments, and I suspect they’ll all get a huge kick out of your reply!

  6. blitzpillager says:

    laughing, and still laughing……If is was a spammer, I would have replied by now! Simply because I love writing…heck, I would even do a full article on toasters and unicorns, and the art of Kama Sutra if it was expected… no hold’s barred in my life! mmmm toasters and unicorns sounds like a magical moment….excuse me while I go eat some lucky charms for a moment:)

  7. treetrunkrick says:

    Hi, this is “Dominique.” I just wanted to tell you that we at pornbuffer appreciate your sense of humour but we see no value in creating a blog entry or website entitled “Shit Dudes Say Post-Coital” because, as you may know, it would be empty. As far as pornbuffer goes, our site is a buffer used to hold data with which we capture politicians’ prurient porn interests so that we have them by their short and curlies when we need them to pass legislation friendly to our business colleagues that many mistakenly call the Mob.

    Please suggest another title and we’ll gladly discuss it with you, further. BTW, can you send us your name, address, and bank account information, while you’re at it? We want to deposit money to show you our sincerity in sharing the 28 million Euro we won in the Nigerian lottery. Much thanks in advance!

    Sanjeeda Khan a/k/a Dominique

  8. AngelsLightWorldwide says:

    Bravo for brave! Love it.. I have been so tempted to do something similar but didn’t want malware & couldn’t decide between girlsgirlsgirls , penile enhancement or webmaster ~ thanks for the whole hearted laugh.

  9. randomthoughtsofaphotoguy says:

    Awesomeness. Turning a pointless spam email into comedy gold, love it. Now if you can just get some interesting info out of them, then it would move potentially into such great info, Tosh.0 might have to do a show about it.

  10. eleanoremacdonald says:

    Well, damn the computer that has taken to posting wtf ever it wants no matter what I’ve written! That was supposed to read – “HA! I wish I got spam like that! Thanks for the morning laughter …. needed it.”

  11. Armand Rosamilia says:

    One thing this person did was get her name out there… I’ve read over ten blogs in the last week about this, where she blindly sent this e-mail out to any blog she could find…

    I got it and just laughed it off… now, if she’d done some research and found 3-5 blogs that fit with whatever it is she’s trying to blog about, maybe someone would’ve taken her up on it…

    Which actually begs the question: did anyone out there take her up on this?

    Armand Rosamilia

  12. Joseph Lennox, Ph.D. says:

    Entertaining and funny. I needed a good laugh. This concept brings to mind the movie “Jerky Boys” where the two guys played juvenile pranks via phone calls. It would be absolutely hilarious to see a serial blog dedicated to “messing with the spammers”. Who knows, could become a film some day!

    Nicely done.

  13. Ann Marquez says:

    I am rolling on the floor laughing out loud (well in my mind I am! If I really rolled on the floor I think it would hurt … a lot.) What a great break from an otherwise blah day 😀 I’m subscribing to your blog and looking forward to many more LOLs.

  14. amandameetsbook says:

    Love this. Any time you can really get someone like this, be it online or in person, it is so gratifying. I work at a candle store in the mall, and once a guy came in (Tommy Bahama shirt wearing, disgruntled dad, hates shopping with his wife, resents having to trade in the Corvette for the minivan, kind of guy) looked right at me and said, “Boy, it sure smells like candles in here.” Like he is the only asshole to ever think that one up. So I say, “You know, we can’t figure out where the smell is coming from. We’ve let the mall office know, we’ve called all kinds of maintenance, and we just can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Can I help you find any books today?” Dude didn’t know what to do.

    It’s the little victories.

  15. Kimiko Kaiser says:

    Reblogged this on Write On Spot and commented:
    CAUTION new bloggers….only use “guest bloggers” you know and or invite…read this hilarious post and you will understand why! Kudos to AJ for some entertaining learning about the blogsphere and spammers!

  16. joeryanacoustic says:

    Ha! Hilarious! Kinda like asking a telemarketer for their home number! I wish we could find the originator of the program and all write him/her a letter on the same day… that would be funny:)

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