Seventh Inning Stretch

You are streaking on field during the seventh inning stretch.

We are on our first date and we are four Natty Lights in because my cousin’s baseball team is losing 11-0 and I dared you to go streak on the field.

My cousin is the first baseman on the home team and the stands are 80% full. My cousin doesn’t know who you are or that we are on a date. I didn’t know that you or your liquid courage would actually take me up on my dare.

Instead of figuring out if you and I are going to be a thing, I decide to live in the moment and laugh so hard hot tears come out of my eyes while I fall into the aisle against my own will.

You are tackled by my cousin’s first base coach, who I hooked up with seven times last Summer before going back to college. I revel in this scene and declare out loud “this is the only interesting baseball game I have ever been to.”

The 80 year-old man in three rows in front of me turns around and says “same.”


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